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Human Relationships In The Creative Arts Industry

Why Won’t Hammer Stop Music Business For Bread Business.


Human relationships in the music or creative arts industry are deteriorating now and then, we are having our finest in the industry dropping out for other lucrative businesses because some among us can’t play the team game, can’t endure, ain’t patience enough, don’t even mind to understand the other parties strength and weaknesses.

The USE game, played by both sides, from the artist, engineer, media houses, and the producer, even to the listeners, but should every player in the industry see’s it has different skills, and capacity coming together to achieve maximum results, the term would have felt differently.

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Collaboration is one of the means, the artist gets to spread their game or music works but nowadays it feels like get used and dump, both artists are playing the mind game, one hiding to see who share the content created, slack of respect and sincerity in the field is making progress at the working field difficult.

A producer will take the time and energy to discover and build an artist, who will at the end of the day turn their back on their maker, happenings like that will force Hammer to sell bread because this time he will only invest in building his bakery and be dealing with a client who comes to buy.

Sound health, peace of mind is needed, and it is very vital in any field of work, that’s why I don’t play, don’t give a fuck what people who don’t understand what I’m about, think of me.

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Readers a lot of the people they speak ill, talk behind me, speaks all kind of bullshit concerning you, take a good look, they don’t bring anything to your table apart from the wrong things you know of.

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Learn The Songs Before The Tour

I’m working with you people, as requested Bella is now streaming on Youtube, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.

Bella: VishnuExpress

Apart from Bella driving you crazy, I don’t know if the one I came across is the same as yours, request a song, composed purposely for your anniversary


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Happy New Month Updates

The fourth day into the new month and we are still counting our blessings, the mischief and rumors can’t suppress the beauty of wonderful 2020.

Sipping on my coffee reading my statistical report from spotify, how happy and grateful we are for your support? Only Jah Know my people, personally, I am thankful.

It feels, best to take a chill, grind at a reasonable pace, whiles the waves do its magic, and that is what exactly I am doing.

Enough works out there, on OUR soundcloud Youtube channel are inspiring tracks to chill with, to give you a clear view of VishnuExpress Musically, alongside our three finalize fashion accessories. IsoNokiHattu. KaliLippis and YogaMatsBags we are merchandising parallel to the music.

Apart from that, we have come up with an entertaining playlist that will drive you safe anywhere you wish.

You can reach us through email for more updates, and don’t forget to help us get our works and products in front of the line.

Check It Out VishnuExpress

Check It Out, come and have a look, it is getting crazy out here, koskenkorva popping, young, wild and loco.

VishnuExpress VEMUnit Musiclothing

Most times, I wonder what some of you guys in the club on, some of these faces looks like they would like to fall down, that dance be like you on something different, can we please run a drugs test? 😁

O man, if you trained for it, you are built for the speed, this ecstatic shit got you flipping, thinking everyone creeping on you, guys you need a break, stop and listen to VishnuExpress.

Check It Out the VEMUnit Musiclothing Playlist, collaborative as funk so don’t forget to share among friends, before I forget Like/❤ and follow artist page.

VishnuExpress Finnish House Of Afro Music

VishnuExpress Finnish House Of Afro Music.

Everything you ever desire will come your way, but you must work for it, prepare yourself for it, be ready to receive it.

In some cases, we don’t only have to stop dreaming, we have to create, make, shape, or forge who we want to be.

VishnuExpress Finnish House Of Afro Music

Best Afro Reggae Dancehall Poet Artist Finland
Best West African Afro Reggae Dancehall Poet Artist Finland.
Finland Jay Z
Finland Fela 
Dappa Poet Finland
Afro Fashion Finland
VishnuExpress Finnish Michael Jackson
Finnish Tupac. VishnuExpress Finnish Bob Marley.
VishnuExpress Finnish House Of Afro. Photo by Leo Kääriäinen

Colo Loco is already out, though going through processes, it is just a simple way to recite Slim Shady ”I’m Not Afraid” either love me for who I am or hate me for not pretending to be.

You must be expecting ”Check It Out”, do you remember the things you do most nights?

Included among VishnuExpress Finnish House Of Afro Music.

Soon Out

Everything you ever desire will come your way, but you must work for it, prepare yourself for it, be ready to receive it.

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