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Focus On Yourself

Focusing On Yourself

Should Help You Balance Your Life

That’s not the reason to be selfish but the time in the season for self-assessment and further advancement, set healthy relationships among your loved ones and those who have you at heart.  

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Shxt must not expand, and if it does it is your sense of awareness and state of progress that must expand when you capitalize on yourself, who doesn’t want to get ahead in life? It starts by minding your business, focusing on you makes you build your own goals.

VEMUnit Musiclothing EP Streaming At All Music Distribution Platform.

The acquisition of knowledge and resources to become successful is not an overnight job, most importantly who we are? where we are? has a significant role to play when making a choice. 

Paska on rahaa, after undergoing various changes it redefines itself and usage to the consumer.

Bill Gates Dreams.

We become aware of the above-mentioned attributes when we focus on the self, guess what, life itself has a lesson to teach, but when the self is centered it finds its balance during the storm and walks boldly in the rain without any disturbances or fear. 

In order to promote my creative content, that is music and tailoring, which I called Musiclothing, the quest has compelled me to acquire certain knowledge, set me through certain experiences that will cost a lifetime to those not with similar backgrounds. 

Who feels it knows it, how can you feel it when you are nosy in other’s business? You can only assume it when you are nosy, but feel it when you stream VishnuExpress at Spotify and make sure you are 100% involved.

Retirement Benefits

VishnuExpress. VEMUnit. Musiclothing Projekt.

Minä Ja Sinä

VishnuExpress Afro Urban Collections.

Tämä sivu on VishnuExpress Musiikki ja vaatteet sivu.

Sivu kertoo VishnuExpress tuotteista ja pitää yleisönsä ajan tasalla luovan työn kanssa.

VishnuExpress. VEMUnit. Musiclothing.

Tämä on sivu joka kertoo, tiedottaa ja inspiroi lukisoita vierailisoita.

VEMUnit. Musiclothing EP

VEMUnit albumin kansi on kuva, joka on otettu harjoittelun aikana Puvustamolla.

Kahvitauko See What We Have For You.

Just Imagine Out Of The Nutshell



VishnuExpress VEMUnit Musiclothing 4Life



Making the right move has always been a choice, something we have fewer options to come up with the right move, the marine mentality, making decisions that will keep you and your community evolving, padded to undergo any seasons.  

Sustainable Iso Tyyli

Kuvan näyttää VEMUnit kierrätetty tuotteet

Iso Noki Hattu Ja The Grind Housut.

After the cotton is harvested, it undergoes different processes before the tailor or seamstress will get to perform their functions, we, therefore, see changes that can be relative to fashion. 

VEMUnit Musiclothing

Life is just beautiful, take a look at it, buying a piece of fabric, you may consider the colour of thread, the environment (where and when) the occasion, how much it will cost to have your desire handmade dress completed, just like music composition, and everything in life. 

Minä pidän sama tyyli.

Rento sisällä pitää alongside The Grind Housut.

En jaksa mitä, mutta katsotaan.

There is a price to pay, the stress that comes with it, the joy afterward aina sama ja aina it has been to make a choice, either haluaa käyttää puvun, casual, rento malli, hippsteri, streetwear, mutta älä unohda piirttäminen, leikaus ja ompelu on tärkeä ja on iso työ.

Älä Unohda
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Happy 2021 And Best Of Wishes

Hyvää Uutta Vuotta

Best Afro Reggae Dancehall Poet Artist Finland
Best West African Afro Reggae Dancehall Poet Artist Finland.
Finland Jay Z
Finland Fela 
Dappa Poet Finland
Afro Fashion Finland
VishnuExpress Finnish Michael Jackson
Finnish Tupac. VishnuExpress Finnish Bob Marley
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First and foremost I give thanks to the creator who made all things possible, thanks to me for the dedication and determination towards whatever I want in life, and thanks to you always for supporting VishnuExpress VEMUnit Musiclothing even during challenging times.

Maybe, I will like to be reminded but I will try hard not to repeat the same mistakes again, and if should I, I am only human, losing your YouTube content can be frustrating to start the year with but we came up strong in 2020.

Danny, if you asked me, ”VishnuExpress do you hold any regret concerning last year’s activities?” my answer will be a big NO, those that did not come my way were not meant to be mine, those that came my way through sweat and hustle none can deny.

Rest In perfect peace to every loved one we have lost, remember, you are gone but not forgotten, this year 2021 is a glorious one, ( it won’t be easy I will always remember), and the covid19 business that got us lockdown.

Wonderful 2020 it was, no matter what hit us, we did not stop but kept on grinding, finding new and smart ways to get to you.

The unseen 2021 is nothing to be afraid of, we have made it through the difficult stage, now is the time to put in more work. MUSICLOTHING

Iso Noki Hattu

Iso Noki Hattu is a fisherman look-alike kind of hat, unisex fashion accessories that keep you on the low-key, suit any kind of weather, imagine with your dark shades on.

Iso Noki Hattu

Available Now

Recycled Sustainable Iso Noki Hattu

100% bomull, puuvilla, cotton

40% pese, wash. Iron (P)

5% can shrink.

Also available are fresh fabric designed products selling at Apua Ghanaan/Suomeen ry KotiKirppis , for direct postage contact us.

Iso Noki Hattu
Iso Noki Hattu

Iso Noki Hattu is been merchandise alongside our music product at Amazon.

Buy/purchase music/clothes to support our growth.

Check It Out, new RAWCUT (Learn The Songs Before The Tour)

Check It Out VishnuExpress

Check It Out, come and have a look, it is getting crazy out here, koskenkorva popping, young, wild and loco.

VishnuExpress VEMUnit Musiclothing

Most times, I wonder what some of you guys in the club on, some of these faces looks like they would like to fall down, that dance be like you on something different, can we please run a drugs test? 😁

O man, if you trained for it, you are built for the speed, this ecstatic shit got you flipping, thinking everyone creeping on you, guys you need a break, stop and listen to VishnuExpress.

Check It Out the VEMUnit Musiclothing Playlist, collaborative as funk so don’t forget to share among friends, before I forget Like/❤ and follow artist page.

VishnuExpress Finnish House Of Afro Music

VishnuExpress Finnish House Of Afro Music.

Everything you ever desire will come your way, but you must work for it, prepare yourself for it, be ready to receive it.

In some cases, we don’t only have to stop dreaming, we have to create, make, shape, or forge who we want to be.

VishnuExpress Finnish House Of Afro Music

Best Afro Reggae Dancehall Poet Artist Finland
Best West African Afro Reggae Dancehall Poet Artist Finland.
Finland Jay Z
Finland Fela 
Dappa Poet Finland
Afro Fashion Finland
VishnuExpress Finnish Michael Jackson
Finnish Tupac. VishnuExpress Finnish Bob Marley.
VishnuExpress Finnish House Of Afro. Photo by Leo Kääriäinen

Colo Loco is already out, though going through processes, it is just a simple way to recite Slim Shady ”I’m Not Afraid” either love me for who I am or hate me for not pretending to be.

You must be expecting ”Check It Out”, do you remember the things you do most nights?

Included among VishnuExpress Finnish House Of Afro Music.

Soon Out

Everything you ever desire will come your way, but you must work for it, prepare yourself for it, be ready to receive it.

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Colo Loco

Colo Loco Performed by VishnuExpress

Colo Loco Is Out Now. Stream Now

Colo Loco is out streaming on all music distribution platform, another rough edges of ours. VEMUnit. Musiclothing

Colo Loco is a means to get few thoughts across, especially to the tellers who assume to know everything, while’s I satisfy my lovers and audience who wish to be part and want to see our creativity evolve.

Another fun moment turns out to have a feel of ‘nostalgic classic hip hop vibe’ Michael Bamfo

I remember working on the hi-hits, it was a bit funny talking to myself during the patterns creation and the application of effects.

Making the kick and snare to sound as old school as possible like found from the rags but guess what? getting my vocals to sound the way I wanted was Colo Loco.

At the end of the day, I’m getting saturated with these plugins.

Its my hope you feel motivated, don’t forget to stream VishnuExpress