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Focus On Yourself

Focusing On Yourself

Should Help You Balance Your Life

That’s not the reason to be selfish but the time in the season for self-assessment and further advancement, set healthy relationships among your loved ones and those who have you at heart.  

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Shxt must not expand, and if it does it is your sense of awareness and state of progress that must expand when you capitalize on yourself, who doesn’t want to get ahead in life? It starts by minding your business, focusing on you makes you build your own goals.

VEMUnit Musiclothing EP Streaming At All Music Distribution Platform.

The acquisition of knowledge and resources to become successful is not an overnight job, most importantly who we are? where we are? has a significant role to play when making a choice. 

Paska on rahaa, after undergoing various changes it redefines itself and usage to the consumer.

Bill Gates Dreams.

We become aware of the above-mentioned attributes when we focus on the self, guess what, life itself has a lesson to teach, but when the self is centered it finds its balance during the storm and walks boldly in the rain without any disturbances or fear. 

In order to promote my creative content, that is music and tailoring, which I called Musiclothing, the quest has compelled me to acquire certain knowledge, set me through certain experiences that will cost a lifetime to those not with similar backgrounds. 

Who feels it knows it, how can you feel it when you are nosy in other’s business? You can only assume it when you are nosy, but feel it when you stream VishnuExpress at Spotify and make sure you are 100% involved.


Toivon in the near future voin remix some of my favorite Finnish Songs example

J. Karjalainen Mennyt Mies

Kulttuuriympäristömmme ilmiö on tärkeä osa edistymistämme.

Kulttuuri on miten ihimset asumme yhdessä

Miten puhuvat, se on keili he puhuvat

Miten he pukeutuvat, ja mitä ruokaa he syövät.

VishnuExpress. VEMUnit. Musiclothing

Finnish Ja Perunat.

Ga’s Ja Maize

Ihimiset ovat kehittäneet istsensä omaksumaan erilaissä elämänalueita

Eri palvotamuotoja


Hipsterit kultturi

Musiikkikulttuuri ja monet muut elävät tänään yhdessä.

VishnuExpress. VEMUnit. Musiclothing

Kulttuurinormilla kodifioidaan hyväksyttävä käytös yhteiskunnassa; se toimii ohjauksena käyttäytymiselle, pukeutumiselle, kielelle ja käytökselle tilanteessa, joka toimii mallina sosiaalisen ryhmän odotuksille.

Kulttuuri therefore on sateenvarjo, joka kattaa ihmisyhteiskunnissa esiintyvän sosiaalisen käyttäytymisen ja normit sekä näiden ryhmien yksilöiden tiedon, uskomukset, taiteen, lait, tavat, kyvyt ja tottumukset.

Alla on musiikin sävellysperusta kulttuurihavainnoinnista, kahden alkuperäiskielen yhdistelmä ja rikki englanti

Tuun Kohta Acoustic Performance

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Retirement Benefits

VishnuExpress. VEMUnit. Musiclothing Projekt.

Minä Ja Sinä

VishnuExpress Afro Urban Collections.

Tämä sivu on VishnuExpress Musiikki ja vaatteet sivu.

Sivu kertoo VishnuExpress tuotteista ja pitää yleisönsä ajan tasalla luovan työn kanssa.

VishnuExpress. VEMUnit. Musiclothing.

Tämä on sivu joka kertoo, tiedottaa ja inspiroi lukisoita vierailisoita.

VEMUnit. Musiclothing EP

VEMUnit albumin kansi on kuva, joka on otettu harjoittelun aikana Puvustamolla.

Kahvitauko See What We Have For You.

Just Imagine Out Of The Nutshell



VishnuExpress VEMUnit Musiclothing 4Life



Making the right move has always been a choice, something we have fewer options to come up with the right move, the marine mentality, making decisions that will keep you and your community evolving, padded to undergo any seasons.  

Sustainable Iso Tyyli

Kuvan näyttää VEMUnit kierrätetty tuotteet

Iso Noki Hattu Ja The Grind Housut.

After the cotton is harvested, it undergoes different processes before the tailor or seamstress will get to perform their functions, we, therefore, see changes that can be relative to fashion. 

VEMUnit Musiclothing

Life is just beautiful, take a look at it, buying a piece of fabric, you may consider the colour of thread, the environment (where and when) the occasion, how much it will cost to have your desire handmade dress completed, just like music composition, and everything in life. 

Minä pidän sama tyyli.

Rento sisällä pitää alongside The Grind Housut.

En jaksa mitä, mutta katsotaan.

There is a price to pay, the stress that comes with it, the joy afterward aina sama ja aina it has been to make a choice, either haluaa käyttää puvun, casual, rento malli, hippsteri, streetwear, mutta älä unohda piirttäminen, leikaus ja ompelu on tärkeä ja on iso työ.

Älä Unohda
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VishnuExpress Music

AfroFinns Urban Collections

Pre Save Featuring The Prince Of Weed is schedule for 09.04.2021. Are You Ready?

VishnuExpress. VEMUnit. Musiclothing

Pre Save, save to save a life is a foundational afro-pop rap song featuring The Prince Of Weed with a heavily toasted hydro flow rap that synchronizes with the bass element to edutain you in the present moment, similar to talking drums that create awareness for the future.

Before the announced release, we have updated our youtube channel with videos, little clips of Pre Save, African Movie SoundTrack, lastly, yesterday uploaded Afro Urban Collection. 

Afro Urban Collections

In a nutshell, we have been busy with a different kind of project, Larry, I did not leave you out, I did as you suggested, at least we have a publication about PRE SAVE. 

Readers, I will leave an attached link to this publication, visit the link, Pre Save both artists and pre-order before the release date.

African Movie SoundTrack.

On the real though, our YouTube channel during the past week qualified for YouTube monetization, you are therefore welcome, in terms of collaboration works, partnership content creation, and if you are that upcoming business mind, link up for the best of deals. 


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Human Relationships In The Creative Arts Industry

Why Won’t Hammer Stop Music Business For Bread Business.


Human relationships in the music or creative arts industry are deteriorating now and then, we are having our finest in the industry dropping out for other lucrative businesses because some among us can’t play the team game, can’t endure, ain’t patience enough, don’t even mind to understand the other parties strength and weaknesses.

The USE game, played by both sides, from the artist, engineer, media houses, and the producer, even to the listeners, but should every player in the industry see’s it has different skills, and capacity coming together to achieve maximum results, the term would have felt differently.

Latest update on VEMUnit YouTube Channel. Right Move Instrumentation.

Collaboration is one of the means, the artist gets to spread their game or music works but nowadays it feels like get used and dump, both artists are playing the mind game, one hiding to see who share the content created, slack of respect and sincerity in the field is making progress at the working field difficult.

A producer will take the time and energy to discover and build an artist, who will at the end of the day turn their back on their maker, happenings like that will force Hammer to sell bread because this time he will only invest in building his bakery and be dealing with a client who comes to buy.

Sound health, peace of mind is needed, and it is very vital in any field of work, that’s why I don’t play, don’t give a fuck what people who don’t understand what I’m about, think of me.

Latest Update At VishnuExpress YouTube Channel.

Readers a lot of the people they speak ill, talk behind me, speaks all kind of bullshit concerning you, take a good look, they don’t bring anything to your table apart from the wrong things you know of.

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Pian esitän itseni suomen kielellä.

Tänä aamuna ladasin uuden videon YouTube-kanavalleni, minuutin esittely itsestäni englanniksi.

En voi lopetta nauraa, niikon, Pure was like “VishnuExpress, tiedän koko tarina, tämä on yksi minuutin, koko maailma odottaa koko tarina.

Of course, jos tiedät sinä tiedät.

On the real though, the feedback is getting me educated in the field of video editing, and also getting to know alternative video editing software.

Using the little you have to get what you want.

Thanks everyone.

Artist Portfolio

Finest African Artist In Finland

The warm breeze touches my soft skin with tenderness, glow my face with such smooth calmness, lifted my eyebrows, above my shoulders there she was screaming VishnuExpress, your creative works are unique and you are the finest African Artist In Finland.

Tuun Kohta

Sometimes could get over your head because not everyone agrees with your beliefs nor opinions, how many of you agree with the notion ”VishnuExpress is the finest African Artist in Finland”

If you are reading me, hope you have faith, if you don’t have any, kindly try to develop one, I have not been publishing articles lately because had to watch this real-life story from the rear-view, step aside and watch at a distance.

Do you notice any difference? Here is where you will find the difference, that is why we have come up with the artist portfolio, not too fast, not too slow but a design speed to fit any form of system, example VEM Unit (Musiclothing) EP was not a topnotch professional production but have received topnotch professional feedback as we text the project is getting ready for a radio interview.

VEMUnit. Musiclothing EP
Best Ghanaian Afro Reggae Dancehall Poet Artist Finland

The last time I introduce them to the baker who bakes my bread, they went and kill the baker and the bakery, VishnuExpress is less photoshop and more originality, less hype and more organic, for example, Finnish House Of Afro Music Album cover, the colorful blast came up the minute the picture was placed in the daw.

Finnish House Of Afro Music
VishnuExpress. VEMUnit. Musiclothing

Luova Taide

VishnuExpress VEMUnit. Musiclothing

TEMUO18 Luova Taide

Elämä on niikon esimerkksi kuin autorengas, meilla on talvi ja kesärengas, kuten muoti.

Katso video youtubessa, se nätytää muotimalliston, ja kuuntele kappaletta joka kertoo elämästä ja rakkauden kaunendesta.

Pukeudumme tilaisuuteen, joka muuttuu jatkuvasti, kuten elämä.

Ihmisen vaisto selviytyä on persu asia lapsen syntymästä lähtien.

Finest African Artist Finland

Kuuntele kappaleita

Still On The Grind

The Grind Music Showcase


Baba Nam Kevalam.

Our recent update on youtube and Spotify Baba Nam Kevalam and The Grind Music Showcase, simply focusing on the essence of love and nothing less, ei kukaan sano mitään, mitä näet on sama, losing myself to the tunes of the turning wheel.

Also made available is The Grind Music Showcase Spotify Playlist, don’t forget to pre save some tracks, I encourage you to check the character behind the voice/speaker, whiles I drive you to work, gym, family and friends in and outdoor gathering.

The Grind Music Showcase Spotify Playlist

Don’t make me laugh, they refuse our post from a Facebook group because it is self-promoted content? My guy, in loving memories we remember the dead, Bill Gates is already rich, we are up and coming if not because of Covid19, I thought he was living a life of the under Dog. Please.

Come to think of it, will rather use my platforms to promote or expose up and coming creative artist or business if they will use the right channel because no matter how it looks like ” We Ain’t Playing Out Here” Contact Us.

How many of you are following my activities on Instagram? if you are, big thanks and Glorious2021 to you, friends and families, and if you are not following my Instagram activities, I will leave the link below and always remember the great who created all things is with you.

Happy 2021 And Best Of Wishes

Hyvää Uutta Vuotta

Best Afro Reggae Dancehall Poet Artist Finland
Best West African Afro Reggae Dancehall Poet Artist Finland.
Finland Jay Z
Finland Fela 
Dappa Poet Finland
Afro Fashion Finland
VishnuExpress Finnish Michael Jackson
Finnish Tupac. VishnuExpress Finnish Bob Marley
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First and foremost I give thanks to the creator who made all things possible, thanks to me for the dedication and determination towards whatever I want in life, and thanks to you always for supporting VishnuExpress VEMUnit Musiclothing even during challenging times.

Maybe, I will like to be reminded but I will try hard not to repeat the same mistakes again, and if should I, I am only human, losing your YouTube content can be frustrating to start the year with but we came up strong in 2020.

Danny, if you asked me, ”VishnuExpress do you hold any regret concerning last year’s activities?” my answer will be a big NO, those that did not come my way were not meant to be mine, those that came my way through sweat and hustle none can deny.

Rest In perfect peace to every loved one we have lost, remember, you are gone but not forgotten, this year 2021 is a glorious one, ( it won’t be easy I will always remember), and the covid19 business that got us lockdown.

Wonderful 2020 it was, no matter what hit us, we did not stop but kept on grinding, finding new and smart ways to get to you.

The unseen 2021 is nothing to be afraid of, we have made it through the difficult stage, now is the time to put in more work. MUSICLOTHING