Everywhere you see Musiikkivaatteet or Musiclothing, expect VishnuExpress and the VEM-Unit crew.
A movement made up of families, friends, clients, fans, lovers, and well-wishers to inspire and empower ourselves and communities.

Due to that, we released the Musiclothing VEMUnit EP

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Happy Easter Every Reader

Material wealth I’ve none but how to fish we can reason about that.
Just like said to Surge El Cheko, I am seeking almost every time, my curiosity to find out the rudimental remedies that will improve my standard of living and the next person will not end.

Earlier today, I was having a conversation with Roland about his work and health condition, then he made mention of a kid in India complaining of hunger because of covid-19 lockdown.
How he managed to keep online? I asked myself, hungry means broke can’t afford food, online means he or she can afford a data.
Immediately I said to Roland, he may be hungry but he does not look hungry to me, because he is online and for almighty seek he can use that platform another way round, not just to seem hungry wanting mere food.
Put him on the ” learn to fish program”
There, I asked Roland to suggest to him if he would be interested to help promote my music video to his friends and families and in groups he is a member on Facebook.
‘Every 1-2 k viewers will earn him 5£’ brilliant as he was, he realized how he could sell organic viewers for content creators, especially musicians working on a low budget.

Now he should be researching on how to receive payment and what it entails for him to be effective at the idea.

The phone rang because someone mentioned money, O yes let’s get to work.

Yes, of course, human expectation.

How much material wealth will have your love in return? WHY must one buy your love and not grow your interest.

Like said earlier, it’s an idea, it started with a clouded thought, now has finally found clarity.

Happy Easter To Every Reader.

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If Not Song Lyrics From Vishnuexpress VEMUnit Musiclothingep


There are some people in this life
I must be grateful to,
Especially the one above and you,
That make it possible,
That never give up on me,
To you I owe you. 2X

If not cos of you won‘t be here
Shootup unu lighter give thanks and praise.
Put up unu lighter give thanks and praise. 2x

Though I’m unclean at your presence you grant me favor
Though I can’t see you nakedly you love me passionately
You’re the infinite one
Everything in One
You dey blow my mind O
Mi nuh understand
When the evilious gather
You appear them boot a run
Be grateful fi life no matter
Pour them liquor R.I.P to the real OGs 6ft beneath
Speedy recovery to the weak and the sick.

If not cos of you won‘t be here
Shoot up unu lighter give thanks and praise.
Put up unu lighter give thanks and praise. 2x

I’m thankful for life
Be grateful for strength
Be thankful for health
I’m thankful for wealth
Be thankful for understanding
Everything should be okay
Elämässä tarvitset aika
Never will you reward evil for good
You reap what you sow’ when your heart is not true
Your love is pure and true wowow
Ita burn like lion, thunder fyah
Love and caring,
Your love a require
On a daily basis.

If not cos of you won‘t be here
Shootup unu lighter give thanks and praise.
Put up unu lighter give thanks and praise. 2x

If Not VEMUnit Musiclothing

If Not is a track among the VEMUnit Musiclothing EP.

Recently uploaded the content on my Youtube channel, an admirer suggested to include the lyrics of the song.

Song inserted Link

In this song, I sang expressing gratitude, acknowledging the precious moment life has bestow on me.

Either good/Bad

I urge you all to follow the link to YouTube and show your support, also remember you are not only helping to build an individual but a community of people aspiring greatness.

That’s my expectation for the upcoming generations.

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63Years Ghana Independence Anniversary

Welcome again to VishnuExpress #VEMUnit Musiclothing

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate our founding fathers, present leaders and fellow country members.

Let’s make Ghana’s and the whole of Africa Independency a meaningful one.

Have you had the opportunity to read my recent post

In the post, threw light on my upcoming #VEMUnit #Musiclothing

Today I’ve released Right Move streaming on YouTube to honor Ghana’s independency

r.kurkijávri Usvia City of Mosaick Land Of Frequencies.

Today I find it humbly necessary to introduce to you Roni Kurkijávri also known as r.kurkijávri, a Finnish artist, musician and photographer, a wonderful person you will like to meet and share quality time with.

Fellow readers, luckily for us today we’re going to text about his album Usvia City Of Mosaick,

Album released 2015

On a personal note the album is a masterpiece of art, fusion of frequencies from different lands and cultures.

It’s a mind blowing concepts, talk of time investment, the instrumentation that composed the whole album, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, 12-string acoustic guitar, electric bass, frettless bass, piano, harmonica, harmonium, djembe, drums, percussions, shakers, tibetian bells, singing bowls, cymbals,
vocals, soundscapes, nature sounds, tree-bark, knives, shredded advertisement and news-papers, access virus ti, korg kaosspad, roland tb-3, looping, echoes, delays, variable digital fx, vibrating physical objects and other sound alchemy.

The album technically composed with Antares M: Flutes. (Recorded at Magick River, Malaysia 2011.)
Francesca Baines: Vocals. (Recorded at Kinsale Ireland 2012.)
Drumming group in track 6: Sri Maha Ueeran Urumi Melam, Malaysia

The whole piece is very relaxing and imaginative, though you can feel and hear the vibrating heavy traveling drums, definitely will listeners enjoy the psychedelic mood.

If you’re a lover of world fusion, cinematic, psychedelic music. rKurkijávri will drive you nut.

Visit his albums @ bandcamp

From somewhere deep inside of his mind he found this weird place he called “Land of Frequencies.”

This Land is full of wonders yet undiscovered, and as he explore this landscape of vibration and frequencies, he brought back pieces of it for you to listen.

To dive deep to the canjons in the great oceans, mysteries of the ancient worlds, forgotten memories, dreams and weirdness of an alternative realitys.

By hunting atmospheric environments from different parts of the world,
material was recorded in several separate sessions in different times, places, mind-settings and dimensions from Finnish darkblue and frozen landscapes all the way to tropical jungles, rivers and islands of Malaysia and Indonesia.

Get this creative craftsman on your podcast to share the stories behind scenes, whiles you listen to the album.

I’ve had my share.

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VishnuExpress VEMUnit Musiikkivaatteet EP

VishnuExpress VEMUnit Musiikkivaatteet EP

Istu alas sillä tämän EP:n pitäisi inspiroida ja motivoida sinua. Saada tuntemaan että pystyt siihen, nauttimaan ja rakastamaan sitä mitä teet.

En vitsaile sillä loppuen lopuksi minä pidän hauskaa. Työtiedostojen menettäminen aloittelijana voi sattua, varsinkin ilman mitään pilveen tallennettuna tai varasuunnitelmaa.

Mutta on myös hauskaa aloittaa alusta.

Jos jaat saman tarinan kun minä, pitäisi olla aavistus minun syystäni miksi, niin hyvä tekijä on absorboinut ylpeyteni saamaan minut ylpeäksi


Miten jotkut teistä luulee että vitsailen ja etten voi saattaa loppuun edessä olevaa tehtävää näiden kauniiden lahjakkuuksien kanssa.

VEMunit musiclothing EP Carsoundcheck

Lukijat, jotkut musiikki opetuksistani on maksettu, monet yhteistyöni ovat kalliita, johtuen studiokustannuksista, mutta koska ne tulevat ilmaisiksi monet eivät arvosta sijoittamista laitteisiin ja aikaan.

Kuka sanoi etten ole tosissani?

VEMUnit Musiclothing EP on kuuden kuukauden tutkimusraportti edistymisestäni biittien tekemisessä ja pyrkimyksistäni muotisuunnittelussa.

Pähkinänkuoressa EP melkein valmis, käyden läpi testauksen ja läpiviennin.

Ainakin päivän päätteeksi tiedän osaavani hengittää elämän biiteiksi.

Istu alas sillä tämän EP:n pitäisi inspiroida ja motivoida sinua. Saada tuntemaan että pystyt siihen, nauttimaan ja rakastamaan sitä mitä teet.

Tallenna ennakkotilaus saadaksesi selville miten.

VEMUnit. Musiclothing EP

VEMUnit. Musiclothing EP

VEMUnit Musiclothing EP is a six-month study report of my progress in beat composition

I ain’t joking because at the end of the day I’m having fun, losing my work data without a backup plan or any saved in the clouds as a beginner that can hurt.

But there’s great fun starting all over again.

They Closed The Doors, Used The Windows. Fake Their Smile, Clone Their Identity. Came Out Bold Took Responsibility

If you share my story, should have a clue of my reason why the creator being so good has absorbed my pride to make me proud.

How can some among you think I’m joking and cannot complete the task ahead with this beautiful talented ones around me.

VEMUnit Musiclothing EP Carsoundcheck

Some of my music tuition is paid for. A lot of my collaboration is expensive due to studio cost, but many don’t appreciate investment into equipment and time because they come free.

Though I’m Unclean At Your Presence You Grant Me Favor.

Who said I am not serious?

  VEMUnit Musiclothing EP is a six-month study report of my progress in beat making, a quest I’d to take after many disappointments with beat makers and music producers.

In a nutshell, the EP is ready out and running, massive acknowledgment from our London and Russia audience, ”at least at the end of the day I know how to breathe life into shiti beats”  Roni can’t fake his honesty, he had to be real with me, aware of the odds had to come against I did awesomely well.

Take your seat for this EP should inspire you, will motivate you, should make you feel you can, should make you enjoy and love what you do, for this EP will narrate the unseen and untold my rough edges.

Save for Preorder 🤘🏿to find out How🙏🏽