Your Attention Is Mine To Get

Finalnd is one of the top country streaming VishnuExpress Music.

Finland is the first top countries streaming VishnuExpress VEMUnit Music apart from the fuckry I had to deal with ain’t mad at you on daily basis, I still manage to get your attention.

Almost 40% out of the major audience is ours, VEMUnit 38.28% we find ourselves in the Finnish music space, readers we aim to grab 50% of that cake.

We ain’t playing as they thought.

Brazil And The United States, Last Month Sweat.

We procedure as planned, no matter the odds, Musiclothing, music and clothes production, spelling out the details that separate us from our adversaries, though we are one body, mind, and soul.

I fuck and grind differently, What you might have assumed, might have thought differently.

Let me take you to my world.

So much to do can’t sit idle, spent much time in the booth baking skirt and verse.

A king is never recognized in his homeland such is my story, some among yours ain’t news, no disrespect though but we had to keep it real at this stage, for you can ride on the professional quality of things, but this is a character, this attitude is an insurmountable fighting spirit to recognized and appreciate.

Without any recognized award, my presence and relevance are of the essence and your producers can feel my presence.

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Imagine Kataluna Enriquez In Our Music Video

When you dream, dream big homie, picture Miss Nevada USA Kataluna Enriquez in our music video.

VishnuExpress not to impress but to express to inspire everyone aspiring DREAM

After countlessly telling myself not to be afraid to share my weakness, it is obvious why others will suppress theirs. 

You have to be a man on a mission, with a strong mindset to act a certain way, I sincerely apologize if you got me wrong, I am not here to play classes, Guy’s look around can’t you see I’m HOT. 

Halla again, I’m the guy they come to in privacy and after they tell you not to come around, if you had your best of HANGOUT ‘’ Put on the light, you will see the cockroaches and the rats on the run’’ kinda funny this side of the world it is the other way round. 

There are certain groups you don’t see them during winter, but they survive pretty well during summer, then I will be like ‘’hello we are up here all season, don’t have it all for yourself’’ Most def, I have to protect my peace of mind, my emotion, and what is mine, the world needs a listening ear, we play along does not mean we agree with everything said, this music and clothes business so much fuck shxt done.

The attention then came in handy, then began telling her about my music and clothes production, she was amazed after going through my website, stream a couple of our music on Youtube, Tänään Illalla and Tuun Kohta drove her insane she invited her friends seated close by to join our discussion. 

Do you wish to make a career out of it?  the guy in the blue Lacoste shirt and Raphel Lauran’s shorts asked. 

Yes of course, not only that I am passionate about it. nice Clarks shoes you have on, I like it, I added. 

I just subscribe to your channel, my name is Markku, it was nice to meet you, he said

I extended my hand and replied, likewise. 

You won’t believe where this party ended, most times I have to run away cause my kinda party is not the seat and talk kind, it is more like a clubhouse party in the basement, I will tell you more about that kinda party maybe in my next publication but I can assure after everything we will go fishing.

Here is were I take the opportunity to talk about our music and clothing production, write my comic thought, profound stories and give out tips, which you have been very helpful. 

The decision to use this platform in such a manner has been very helpful and financially manageable no matter what critics may say as if it matters! People we are heading to a place we see clearly, a place you already know called freedom, where we will be of service to the people, not only that but entertain, empower and inspire the people around us. 

Song title ‘’If Not’’ is not only Mr. Sergei’s and family’s favorite song but it is also Tiina and Mira’s wake-up morning song, I love that song myself, because it feels like acknowledgment, giving little something to receiving something greater. I’m therefore thankful to you for reading and understanding, I will leave our Spotify playlist below for you to have your share of fun and entertainment.

Collaboration Shapes And Forms

Limited Circle Keep The Square Heads Wondering.

Let’s Collaborate Creative Artist.

Best Afro Reggae Dancehall Poet Artist Finland
Best West African Afro Reggae Dancehall Poet Artist Finland.
Finland Jay Z
Finland Fela 
Dappa Poet Finland
Afro Fashion Finland
VishnuExpress Finnish Michael Jackson
Finnish Tupac. VishnuExpress Finnish Bob Marley
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VishnuExpress. VEMUnit. Musiclothing 
Best Finnish Afro Reggae Dancehall Poet Artist
Finnish Fashion

Though the development of an artist is an individual or cooperative realization, it works harmoniously well when it is related to its true nature and essence.

We began by practicing our talents alone and then we expose our craft to friends and families, in doing so we build a community around what we love to do or passionate about.

During the above process, we shape ourselves, develop our confidence, and we become more efficient in our delivery, we then have to find collaboration, which also helps expose our creative works to a different audience.

For example, instead of taking abusive advantage over each other, we have to find the right partnership to enforce our growth, mind you the promotion has to be 360, which implies every player has to promote the collaborative product 50/50 at both ends to achieve the maximum results, but in most cases, it is not so.

The creative artist has to stay united especially the upcoming, the underground, and who else it may concern for us to get the needed recognition, in my situation I have been played many times, but because I stay consistent with my creation I am always on top of my game and get myself where I want to be.

No matter how juicy the collaboration may be, you must depend on your own effort, consistently networking, and getting your craft to the right audience, which is the most important aspect when it comes to music promotion.

VEMUnit Reign Forever

Among the numerous opportunities, collaboration is a thing the new age and every artist has to utilize.

Do not stop working and do not stop pushing your craft, most definitely there are people or competitors that will intrude into your network to distract your focus, some even will come around to know your game plan, others will even go as far as to take advantage over your brand, but in all try as much as possible to protect your emotion and focus on your purpose.

Most collaboration doesn’t end up how we expected, that been said it does not mean it is not important, just like every human relationship, sometimes it is sweet, other times it is bitter, no matter the outcome we must continuously romance our relationship and always remember to keep it healthy, do not forget to entertain and update your older clients about your activities and also properly inform your new clients.

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It works well, if you make the audience or client fall in love with your goal, where you heading, this is one way you can find a dedicated working partner or build a team around what you are doing.

I’m still grinding with my musiclothing and I want you to kindly grind with me, stream our music at the link below on daily basis, follow our artist profile, write your review on our social media pages, like, comment, and share our content with your friends and families. I appreciate your time and attention.

Wait On Helsinki

The Wheels Of Change And The Cost Of Breath.

  • Finest Afro Reggae Dancehall Rap Artist In Finland
  • VishnuExpress Feat. The Prince Of Weed
  • Finnish House Of Afro Music
  • VEMUnit. Musiclothing EP

I’m going through an epiphany, it is difficult to deny and hard to describe, I also feel there is a greater force that is in control.

Most times I will ask why? what can be done, but I don’t stress about the things I am not in control of. 

The moment you feel your true self revisiting and revealing its beauty you feel passionate than before. I’m in a reflective mood, rearrangement of thoughts and plans, shutting down voices that don’t encourage growth, and here I am publishing a post. 

The world is at your fingertips, most times all it takes is to trust yourself, hard work has proven to pays off even if not in cash it can open closed doors.

You can call it good luck but as long as you are experiencing breath of life, you are part of a change to be made, a goal to be accomplished.

I encourage you to spend some time watching the videos we have on our YouTube channel, last year by this time I have lost all my YouTube content but here we are today our channel is monetized with over 100k views, I’m grateful to the one above and to you if you are reading me. 

Sharing my imperfect curves has empowered me a lot, it has engaged my ego in different conversations, introduce me to people from different walks of life with different understanding and approaches to doing things, for example, our recent release Katsot Mua Katson Sua brought to my realization what I can do with certain plugins to attain certain tone of voice.

You are right, should have started this lifestyle at the age of thirteen, on the real though I did, the lack of facilities got me a little behind time that is how best I can put it. 

It is never too late to start where you are, where you stand with what you have, some people will tell you how impossible your dream sound, it may look like a nightmare, that is if you don’t start now, it will be your greatest fear and regret (depress and bitterness) but if you start now, where you stand with what you have, your clouded thoughts will be cleared. 

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Focus On Yourself

Focusing On Yourself

Should Help You Balance Your Life

That’s not the reason to be selfish but the time in the season for self-assessment and further advancement, set healthy relationships among your loved ones and those who have you at heart.  

Shop IsoNokiHattu At Apua Ghanaan/Suomeen Ry Kotikirppis.

Shxt must not expand, and if it does it is your sense of awareness and state of progress that must expand when you capitalize on yourself, who doesn’t want to get ahead in life? It starts by minding your business, focusing on you makes you build your own goals.

VEMUnit Musiclothing EP Streaming At All Music Distribution Platform.

The acquisition of knowledge and resources to become successful is not an overnight job, most importantly who we are? where we are? has a significant role to play when making a choice. 

Paska on rahaa, after undergoing various changes it redefines itself and usage to the consumer.

Bill Gates Dreams.

We become aware of the above-mentioned attributes when we focus on the self, guess what, life itself has a lesson to teach, but when the self is centered it finds its balance during the storm and walks boldly in the rain without any disturbances or fear. 

In order to promote my creative content, that is music and tailoring, which I called Musiclothing, the quest has compelled me to acquire certain knowledge, set me through certain experiences that will cost a lifetime to those not with similar backgrounds. 

Who feels it knows it, how can you feel it when you are nosy in other’s business? You can only assume it when you are nosy, but feel it when you stream VishnuExpress at Spotify and make sure you are 100% involved.


Toivon in the near future voin remix some of my favorite Finnish Songs example

J. Karjalainen Mennyt Mies

Kulttuuriympäristömmme ilmiö on tärkeä osa edistymistämme.

Kulttuuri on miten ihimset asumme yhdessä

Miten puhuvat, se on keili he puhuvat

Miten he pukeutuvat, ja mitä ruokaa he syövät.

VishnuExpress. VEMUnit. Musiclothing

Finnish Ja Perunat.

Ga’s Ja Maize

Ihimiset ovat kehittäneet istsensä omaksumaan erilaissä elämänalueita

Eri palvotamuotoja


Hipsterit kultturi

Musiikkikulttuuri ja monet muut elävät tänään yhdessä.

VishnuExpress. VEMUnit. Musiclothing

Kulttuurinormilla kodifioidaan hyväksyttävä käytös yhteiskunnassa; se toimii ohjauksena käyttäytymiselle, pukeutumiselle, kielelle ja käytökselle tilanteessa, joka toimii mallina sosiaalisen ryhmän odotuksille.

Kulttuuri therefore on sateenvarjo, joka kattaa ihmisyhteiskunnissa esiintyvän sosiaalisen käyttäytymisen ja normit sekä näiden ryhmien yksilöiden tiedon, uskomukset, taiteen, lait, tavat, kyvyt ja tottumukset.

Alla on musiikin sävellysperusta kulttuurihavainnoinnista, kahden alkuperäiskielen yhdistelmä ja rikki englanti

Tuun Kohta Acoustic Performance

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Retirement Benefits

VishnuExpress. VEMUnit. Musiclothing Projekt.

Minä Ja Sinä

VishnuExpress Afro Urban Collections.

Tämä sivu on VishnuExpress Musiikki ja vaatteet sivu.

Sivu kertoo VishnuExpress tuotteista ja pitää yleisönsä ajan tasalla luovan työn kanssa.

VishnuExpress. VEMUnit. Musiclothing.

Tämä on sivu joka kertoo, tiedottaa ja inspiroi lukisoita vierailisoita.

VEMUnit. Musiclothing EP

VEMUnit albumin kansi on kuva, joka on otettu harjoittelun aikana Puvustamolla.

Kahvitauko See What We Have For You.

Just Imagine Out Of The Nutshell



VishnuExpress VEMUnit Musiclothing 4Life



Making the right move has always been a choice, something we have fewer options to come up with the right move, the marine mentality, making decisions that will keep you and your community evolving, padded to undergo any seasons.  

Sustainable Iso Tyyli

Kuvan näyttää VEMUnit kierrätetty tuotteet

Iso Noki Hattu Ja The Grind Housut.

After the cotton is harvested, it undergoes different processes before the tailor or seamstress will get to perform their functions, we, therefore, see changes that can be relative to fashion. 

VEMUnit Musiclothing

Life is just beautiful, take a look at it, buying a piece of fabric, you may consider the colour of thread, the environment (where and when) the occasion, how much it will cost to have your desire handmade dress completed, just like music composition, and everything in life. 

Minä pidän sama tyyli.

Rento sisällä pitää alongside The Grind Housut.

En jaksa mitä, mutta katsotaan.

There is a price to pay, the stress that comes with it, the joy afterward aina sama ja aina it has been to make a choice, either haluaa käyttää puvun, casual, rento malli, hippsteri, streetwear, mutta älä unohda piirttäminen, leikaus ja ompelu on tärkeä ja on iso työ.

Älä Unohda
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Pian esitän itseni suomen kielellä.

Tänä aamuna ladasin uuden videon YouTube-kanavalleni, minuutin esittely itsestäni englanniksi.

En voi lopetta nauraa, niikon, Pure was like “VishnuExpress, tiedän koko tarina, tämä on yksi minuutin, koko maailma odottaa koko tarina.

Of course, jos tiedät sinä tiedät.

On the real though, the feedback is getting me educated in the field of video editing, and also getting to know alternative video editing software.

Using the little you have to get what you want.

Thanks everyone.

Luova Taide

VishnuExpress VEMUnit. Musiclothing

TEMUO18 Luova Taide

Elämä on niikon esimerkksi kuin autorengas, meilla on talvi ja kesärengas, kuten muoti.

Katso video youtubessa, se nätytää muotimalliston, ja kuuntele kappaletta joka kertoo elämästä ja rakkauden kaunendesta.

Pukeudumme tilaisuuteen, joka muuttuu jatkuvasti, kuten elämä.

Ihmisen vaisto selviytyä on persu asia lapsen syntymästä lähtien.

Finest African Artist Finland

Kuuntele kappaleita