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VishnuExpress Creative Uniqueness SuomiPop

VishnuExpress Definition Of Musical Uniqueness SuomiPop

VishnuExpress is not only unique in music creation, the artist has developed a similar passion for his tailoring craft, and everything he is involved in. 

The artist’s eclectic blend of Afro high life and popping funk have music lovers talking about his personality and future prospects.

His profound image and character have created his own alternative music genre, where lovers of music can get a bit of rap, spoken word, toasted ragga, singing, whatever dynamics they want in music.  

In the recent release SuomiPop, the artist’s intention is to make entertainment more entertaining, based on a radio show he watched and felt a bit of his being have been touched, therefore musically has to respond to clear their confusion.

VishnuExpress SuomiPop

My confidence can’t be intimidated no matter my looks, something about me remains me of my mom and so shall it be, no matter how rich I get won’t be changed. 

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Feedback On Dripping In Your Head.

What do you think about song titled Dripping In Your Head?

Gaining. Leveling. Eqing. And Compression, what’s your take on the above topics?

Like told you earlier, I’m building with you, Imma expose y’all how to build strength and earn the respect you deserve.

Don’t you feel the evolving of inner growth and outside beauty, do you have any suggestions how to treat the drums and the bass?

I’m enjoying myself at the moment, at first felt like one has bought a car for friends to fill up the tank with bensi.

I understand some of you are about the lyrical content, but I’m much concerned with the #mixmasterypath.

I would not have made it this far without emastered I suggest you try during your mixing and mastering process using this link. Get notice at the door not among the crowd.

VishnuExpress Dripping In Your Head

What do you think about send reverb and delay, especially on a group mono track? (Vocals)

How will you set your wet and dry parameters on a mono group track?

Always on my mind. Always stream VishnuExpress @ Spotify

Artist Portfolio

Finest African Artist In Finland

The warm breeze touches my soft skin with tenderness, glow my face with such smooth calmness, lifted my eyebrows, above my shoulders there she was screaming VishnuExpress, your creative works are unique and you are the finest African Artist In Finland.

Tuun Kohta

Sometimes could get over your head because not everyone agrees with your beliefs nor opinions, how many of you agree with the notion ”VishnuExpress is the finest African Artist in Finland”

If you are reading me, hope you have faith, if you don’t have any, kindly try to develop one, I have not been publishing articles lately because had to watch this real-life story from the rear-view, step aside and watch at a distance.

Do you notice any difference? Here is where you will find the difference, that is why we have come up with the artist portfolio, not too fast, not too slow but a design speed to fit any form of system, example VEM Unit (Musiclothing) EP was not a topnotch professional production but have received topnotch professional feedback as we text the project is getting ready for a radio interview.

VEMUnit. Musiclothing EP
Best Ghanaian Afro Reggae Dancehall Poet Artist Finland

The last time I introduce them to the baker who bakes my bread, they went and kill the baker and the bakery, VishnuExpress is less photoshop and more originality, less hype and more organic, for example, Finnish House Of Afro Music Album cover, the colorful blast came up the minute the picture was placed in the daw.

Finnish House Of Afro Music
VishnuExpress. VEMUnit. Musiclothing