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Vishnu Nii Kumi Nathan Quao is a singer, songwriter, and poet-artist, he is known on the performing stage as VishnuExpress. His greatest hit song Trustworthy released in late 2012 won him a recording contract with the new-globe- art-factory, a record label based in Germany, and awarded him the ambassador of impartiality making him the founder and president of Global New Generation Ghana. The artist VishnuExpress creative potency does not only stop at making music but adopted a family business in tailoring (unisex fashion designer) of which he strongly expresses both talents effectively. The recording artist who is now based in Finland has performed on the same stage with the present Osibisa New Generation Band, Ebo Taylor, Ben Brako, Steve Bedi, S-Molli, Mc Kajo, Juuski, DreadLion, Snäfä, Mikidi & Gaiaf and many more. The artist's work experience with Gh factor Project, Scratch Recording Ghana, Apprise Music, and Media (a worker without portfolio) earn him much intelligence in the music business to start his own music label and clothing line called VEMUnit. Musiclothing. The artist who is influenced by E.T Mensah, Osibisa, Ben Brako, Ebo Taylor, Bob Marley, Tupac, NWA Gentleman, Drake, and many others is a dropout after Accra Academy Senior High School in 1999 to chase his music and clothing dream.

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Hi! wonderful people, it is my hope everyone is doing great? it has always been a great honor to inform and interact with you.

VishnuExpress Sing Glory

Today, we are going to text about YouTube, and my only request is for every reader to Click On Our Link And Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel.

Three days ago, a friend of mine visited me in my sickbed, we discussed a whole lot but one very important topic we focused on was ”how to promote our YouTube Channel”.

VishnuExpress Feat The Prince Of Weed Pre Save

Though we agreed and disagreed on many things, we concluded that it is a must to create captivating and quality videos to entertain and engage our audience.

We also realized it will be a worthwhile task to ask our followers and readers to help us grow the channel subscription by asking them to share our YouTube Content with their friends and families on every social media platform.

VishnuExpress Colo Loco

Now let’s go out there in our numbers, let double our digits up, get involved everyone and share at your own free will.

 I understand it won’t be easy, everything organic doesn’t come by chance, it is our preparation that will attract the luck we deserve. 

VishnuExpress Reach For Your Dream

Then said to my friend, at least if I don’t sound educative with this post, I believe I sound motivational to inspire someone to do likewise.

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First and foremost how are you? 

The past week and this week had been a busy one but will take today, and the great opportunities it comes with to share our social media handle with you. 

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Facebook: has been very helpful in terms of connecting and networking our musiclothing content with our friends and families. it has also come to our notice, the less engagement on our post, we, therefore, encourage everyone reading us to share their thoughts on the comment section.

Twitter: has helped us got placement into various music playlists, but we look forward to attracting more retweets.

Instagram: is one of the platforms that have helped introduce or usher our intention base on our musiclothing production.

Tiktok: doing good, but we have to increase our focus by creating more content, we are having good feedback, and has also exposed our face to face to the account that is interested in our content.

Snap: is a quick way to inform our followers what we are up to and our recent releases. Using your snap search browser search VishnuExpress1

YouTube: has been very useful, ”I call it Youtube Mining” very challenging to keep up with content creation, but it has been fun looking back at our uploads. 

I suggest every upcoming creative artist must set up the above-listed social media platforms, it will help your future works in the short and long term.

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Welcome Once Again To VishnuExpress

VEMUnit Musiclothing.

Quick reminder Of Our Recent Update 

Finnish House Of Afro Music

Water Enemy Is Far Not Near.

Sing Glory streaming at Audiomack

Kindly include Finnish House Of Afro Music in your Spotify playlist, click Here to stream the Album.

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VishnuExpress Creative Uniqueness SuomiPop

VishnuExpress Definition Of Musical Uniqueness SuomiPop

VishnuExpress is not only unique in music creation, the artist has developed a similar passion for his tailoring craft, and everything he is involved in. 

The artist’s eclectic blend of Afro high life and popping funk have music lovers talking about his personality and future prospects.

His profound image and character have created his own alternative music genre, where lovers of music can get a bit of rap, spoken word, toasted ragga, singing, whatever dynamics they want in music.  

In the recent release SuomiPop, the artist’s intention is to make entertainment more entertaining, based on a radio show he watched and felt a bit of his being have been touched, therefore musically has to respond to clear their confusion.

VishnuExpress SuomiPop

My confidence can’t be intimidated no matter my looks, something about me remains me of my mom and so shall it be, no matter how rich I get won’t be changed. 

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Feedback On Dripping In Your Head.

What do you think about song titled Dripping In Your Head?

Gaining. Leveling. Eqing. And Compression, what’s your take on the above topics?

Like told you earlier, I’m building with you, Imma expose y’all how to build strength and earn the respect you deserve.

Don’t you feel the evolving of inner growth and outside beauty, do you have any suggestions how to treat the drums and the bass?

I’m enjoying myself at the moment, at first felt like one has bought a car for friends to fill up the tank with bensi.

I understand some of you are about the lyrical content, but I’m much concerned with the #mixmasterypath.

I would not have made it this far without emastered I suggest you try during your mixing and mastering process using this link. Get notice at the door not among the crowd.

VishnuExpress Dripping In Your Head

What do you think about send reverb and delay, especially on a group mono track? (Vocals)

How will you set your wet and dry parameters on a mono group track?

Always on my mind. Always stream VishnuExpress @ Spotify

VishnuExpress Update

I feel reincarnated to be in Finland, was my response to the young fellow that asked ” If I like it in Finland ”, can we schedule this inquiry for later? I have a job interview to attend.

Life Is Rugged And Raw, The Hindrance is You 

By the way, though the past week has been a busy one, we still took some chances to update our YouTube Channel and also started anchor content creation. 

Don’t remind me how hard the hustle is, but it has been great fun and experience.

Before I drop you the links below, don’t forget to revisit your scale of preference, skill them down according to priorities, if even you can’t practice or execute any a day, try to read them every day, most definitely something will connect. 

VishnuExpress Coffee Breakfast Podcast was also on you, a listener suggested I turn the whole concept into a motivational podcast. What do you think?

VishnuExpress Coffee Breakfast Podcast

You already know the dynamics in creativity, that ” I am Good At It ” I believe art itself has created a space for every practitioner to coexist. Why the nonsense?

VishnuExpress: Good At It

Sweet Reggae Music is also streaming at Audiomack.

Music has been a means of escape for many and especially reggae music has been an edutainment material that echos awareness, informs the movement of the free spirit, and is a symbol that calls for justice without regard to race.
The off timing recognizes the slackness of mankind not been perfect, which we adhere to find a common grounds or understanding to move collectively in the attainment of a better life.

VishnuExpress Sweet Reggae Music

Keep Skankin also streaming at Audiomack.

In search of bread, many of our brothers and sisters have turned to enemies, love doesn’t really matter anymore when profit is involved in our present world.
Most times we turn to forget the music we dance to #stressfree #lovesomuch has gone through so much transformation to achieve that vibrant embodiment of sounds, which involves EQ, Compression, Desser and many more for the Kick, Snare, Bass, Strings, Piano and the rest to move collectively giving you that perfect sound to skank with.
The element echos confidence, energies of nobility, far enough from whichever background, questioning why it has taken mankind that long to attain reasoning. #onerace #union #togetherness #unification.

VishnuExpress Keep Skankin

Dripping And Someone Hatin preview got the attention intended, the energy to bend is just too much, therefore my plan was to swallow the two. On the real though, I have been thinking to move ” The Postman Album Reach For Your Dream ” vocal recording into some cottage or improve the studio acoustic.

Dripping And Someone Hatin

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Reach For Your Dream Perks For Sponsors

 Reach For Your Dream project is up and running, support our project and order perks of your choice.

A man without passion is no son of Adam

We have perks selling as low as 20£ for a general sponsor, 40£ for The Postman Album (Postimies subtitled) plus VEMUnit designed mask. 

VishnuExpress Music. VEMUnit. Musiclothing

We have interesting parks and packages designed for sponsors and participant, order a perk and be part of this great project.  

Visit the link for more information. Reach For Your Dream

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Your Attention Is Mine To Get

Finalnd is one of the top country streaming VishnuExpress Music.

Finland is the first top countries streaming VishnuExpress VEMUnit Music apart from the fuckry I had to deal with ain’t mad at you on daily basis, I still manage to get your attention.

Almost 40% out of the major audience is ours, VEMUnit 38.28% we find ourselves in the Finnish music space, readers we aim to grab 50% of that cake.

We ain’t playing as they thought.

Brazil And The United States, Last Month Sweat.

We procedure as planned, no matter the odds, Musiclothing, music and clothes production, spelling out the details that separate us from our adversaries, though we are one body, mind, and soul.

I fuck and grind differently, What you might have assumed, might have thought differently.

Let me take you to my world.

So much to do can’t sit idle, spent much time in the booth baking skirt and verse.

A king is never recognized in his homeland such is my story, some among yours ain’t news, no disrespect though but we had to keep it real at this stage, for you can ride on the professional quality of things, but this is a character, this attitude is an insurmountable fighting spirit to recognized and appreciate.

Without any recognized award, my presence and relevance are of the essence and your producers can feel my presence.

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Imagine Kataluna Enriquez In Our Music Video

When you dream, dream big homie, picture Miss Nevada USA Kataluna Enriquez in our music video.

VishnuExpress not to impress but to express to inspire everyone aspiring DREAM

After countlessly telling myself not to be afraid to share my weakness, it is obvious why others will suppress theirs. 

You have to be a man on a mission, with a strong mindset to act a certain way, I sincerely apologize if you got me wrong, I am not here to play classes, Guy’s look around can’t you see I’m HOT. 

Halla again, I’m the guy they come to in privacy and after they tell you not to come around, if you had your best of HANGOUT ‘’ Put on the light, you will see the cockroaches and the rats on the run’’ kinda funny this side of the world it is the other way round. 

There are certain groups you don’t see them during winter, but they survive pretty well during summer, then I will be like ‘’hello we are up here all season, don’t have it all for yourself’’ Most def, I have to protect my peace of mind, my emotion, and what is mine, the world needs a listening ear, we play along does not mean we agree with everything said, this music and clothes business so much fuck shxt done.

The attention then came in handy, then began telling her about my music and clothes production, she was amazed after going through my website, stream a couple of our music on Youtube, Tänään Illalla and Tuun Kohta drove her insane she invited her friends seated close by to join our discussion. 

Do you wish to make a career out of it?  the guy in the blue Lacoste shirt and Raphel Lauran’s shorts asked. 

Yes of course, not only that I am passionate about it. nice Clarks shoes you have on, I like it, I added. 

I just subscribe to your channel, my name is Markku, it was nice to meet you, he said

I extended my hand and replied, likewise. 

You won’t believe where this party ended, most times I have to run away cause my kinda party is not the seat and talk kind, it is more like a clubhouse party in the basement, I will tell you more about that kinda party maybe in my next publication but I can assure after everything we will go fishing.

Here is were I take the opportunity to talk about our music and clothing production, write my comic thought, profound stories and give out tips, which you have been very helpful. 

The decision to use this platform in such a manner has been very helpful and financially manageable no matter what critics may say as if it matters! People we are heading to a place we see clearly, a place you already know called freedom, where we will be of service to the people, not only that but entertain, empower and inspire the people around us. 

Song title ‘’If Not’’ is not only Mr. Sergei’s and family’s favorite song but it is also Tiina and Mira’s wake-up morning song, I love that song myself, because it feels like acknowledgment, giving little something to receiving something greater. I’m therefore thankful to you for reading and understanding, I will leave our Spotify playlist below for you to have your share of fun and entertainment.