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A man without passion is no son of Adam

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VishnuExpress Music. VEMUnit. Musiclothing

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VishnuExpress Music. VEMUnit. Musiclothing

Your Attention Is Mine To Get

Finalnd is one of the top country streaming VishnuExpress Music.

Finland is the first top countries streaming VishnuExpress VEMUnit Music apart from the fuckry I had to deal with ain’t mad at you on daily basis, I still manage to get your attention.

Almost 40% out of the major audience is ours, VEMUnit 38.28% we find ourselves in the Finnish music space, readers we aim to grab 50% of that cake.

We ain’t playing as they thought.

Brazil And The United States, Last Month Sweat.

We procedure as planned, no matter the odds, Musiclothing, music and clothes production, spelling out the details that separate us from our adversaries, though we are one body, mind, and soul.

I fuck and grind differently, What you might have assumed, might have thought differently.

Let me take you to my world.

So much to do can’t sit idle, spent much time in the booth baking skirt and verse.

A king is never recognized in his homeland such is my story, some among yours ain’t news, no disrespect though but we had to keep it real at this stage, for you can ride on the professional quality of things, but this is a character, this attitude is an insurmountable fighting spirit to recognized and appreciate.

Without any recognized award, my presence and relevance are of the essence and your producers can feel my presence.

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Imagine Kataluna Enriquez In Our Music Video

When you dream, dream big homie, picture Miss Nevada USA Kataluna Enriquez in our music video.

VishnuExpress not to impress but to express to inspire everyone aspiring DREAM

After countlessly telling myself not to be afraid to share my weakness, it is obvious why others will suppress theirs. 

You have to be a man on a mission, with a strong mindset to act a certain way, I sincerely apologize if you got me wrong, I am not here to play classes, Guy’s look around can’t you see I’m HOT. 

Halla again, I’m the guy they come to in privacy and after they tell you not to come around, if you had your best of HANGOUT ‘’ Put on the light, you will see the cockroaches and the rats on the run’’ kinda funny this side of the world it is the other way round. 

There are certain groups you don’t see them during winter, but they survive pretty well during summer, then I will be like ‘’hello we are up here all season, don’t have it all for yourself’’ Most def, I have to protect my peace of mind, my emotion, and what is mine, the world needs a listening ear, we play along does not mean we agree with everything said, this music and clothes business so much fuck shxt done.

The attention then came in handy, then began telling her about my music and clothes production, she was amazed after going through my website, stream a couple of our music on Youtube, Tänään Illalla and Tuun Kohta drove her insane she invited her friends seated close by to join our discussion. 

Do you wish to make a career out of it?  the guy in the blue Lacoste shirt and Raphel Lauran’s shorts asked. 

Yes of course, not only that I am passionate about it. nice Clarks shoes you have on, I like it, I added. 

I just subscribe to your channel, my name is Markku, it was nice to meet you, he said

I extended my hand and replied, likewise. 

You won’t believe where this party ended, most times I have to run away cause my kinda party is not the seat and talk kind, it is more like a clubhouse party in the basement, I will tell you more about that kinda party maybe in my next publication but I can assure after everything we will go fishing.

Here is were I take the opportunity to talk about our music and clothing production, write my comic thought, profound stories and give out tips, which you have been very helpful. 

The decision to use this platform in such a manner has been very helpful and financially manageable no matter what critics may say as if it matters! People we are heading to a place we see clearly, a place you already know called freedom, where we will be of service to the people, not only that but entertain, empower and inspire the people around us. 

Song title ‘’If Not’’ is not only Mr. Sergei’s and family’s favorite song but it is also Tiina and Mira’s wake-up morning song, I love that song myself, because it feels like acknowledgment, giving little something to receiving something greater. I’m therefore thankful to you for reading and understanding, I will leave our Spotify playlist below for you to have your share of fun and entertainment.

Collaboration Shapes And Forms

Limited Circle Keep The Square Heads Wondering.

Let’s Collaborate Creative Artist.

Best Afro Reggae Dancehall Poet Artist Finland
Best West African Afro Reggae Dancehall Poet Artist Finland.
Finland Jay Z
Finland Fela 
Dappa Poet Finland
Afro Fashion Finland
VishnuExpress Finnish Michael Jackson
Finnish Tupac. VishnuExpress Finnish Bob Marley
Finland CNN #finlandobama #whitehouse #finlandsnoopdog #finlandjayz #finlanddrdre #finlandbobmarley #finlandtupac #finlandicecube #finlandwestsideconnection #finlandtimberland #finland50cent #finlandwizkid #finlandshattawale #finlandawilo #finlandbujubanton #finlandcoolio #VishnuExpress #VEMUnit #Musiclothing The Grind Music Showcase #thegrindmusicshowcase

VishnuExpress. VEMUnit. Musiclothing 
Best Finnish Afro Reggae Dancehall Poet Artist
Finnish Fashion

Though the development of an artist is an individual or cooperative realization, it works harmoniously well when it is related to its true nature and essence.

We began by practicing our talents alone and then we expose our craft to friends and families, in doing so we build a community around what we love to do or passionate about.

During the above process, we shape ourselves, develop our confidence, and we become more efficient in our delivery, we then have to find collaboration, which also helps expose our creative works to a different audience.

For example, instead of taking abusive advantage over each other, we have to find the right partnership to enforce our growth, mind you the promotion has to be 360, which implies every player has to promote the collaborative product 50/50 at both ends to achieve the maximum results, but in most cases, it is not so.

The creative artist has to stay united especially the upcoming, the underground, and who else it may concern for us to get the needed recognition, in my situation I have been played many times, but because I stay consistent with my creation I am always on top of my game and get myself where I want to be.

No matter how juicy the collaboration may be, you must depend on your own effort, consistently networking, and getting your craft to the right audience, which is the most important aspect when it comes to music promotion.

VEMUnit Reign Forever

Among the numerous opportunities, collaboration is a thing the new age and every artist has to utilize.

Do not stop working and do not stop pushing your craft, most definitely there are people or competitors that will intrude into your network to distract your focus, some even will come around to know your game plan, others will even go as far as to take advantage over your brand, but in all try as much as possible to protect your emotion and focus on your purpose.

Most collaboration doesn’t end up how we expected, that been said it does not mean it is not important, just like every human relationship, sometimes it is sweet, other times it is bitter, no matter the outcome we must continuously romance our relationship and always remember to keep it healthy, do not forget to entertain and update your older clients about your activities and also properly inform your new clients.

Stream/Subscribe At VishnuExpress YouTube Channel.

It works well, if you make the audience or client fall in love with your goal, where you heading, this is one way you can find a dedicated working partner or build a team around what you are doing.

I’m still grinding with my musiclothing and I want you to kindly grind with me, stream our music at the link below on daily basis, follow our artist profile, write your review on our social media pages, like, comment, and share our content with your friends and families. I appreciate your time and attention.

Wait On Helsinki

The Wheels Of Change And The Cost Of Breath.

  • Finest Afro Reggae Dancehall Rap Artist In Finland
  • VishnuExpress Feat. The Prince Of Weed
  • Finnish House Of Afro Music
  • VEMUnit. Musiclothing EP

I’m going through an epiphany, it is difficult to deny and hard to describe, I also feel there is a greater force that is in control.

Most times I will ask why? what can be done, but I don’t stress about the things I am not in control of. 

The moment you feel your true self revisiting and revealing its beauty you feel passionate than before. I’m in a reflective mood, rearrangement of thoughts and plans, shutting down voices that don’t encourage growth, and here I am publishing a post. 

The world is at your fingertips, most times all it takes is to trust yourself, hard work has proven to pays off even if not in cash it can open closed doors.

You can call it good luck but as long as you are experiencing breath of life, you are part of a change to be made, a goal to be accomplished.

I encourage you to spend some time watching the videos we have on our YouTube channel, last year by this time I have lost all my YouTube content but here we are today our channel is monetized with over 100k views, I’m grateful to the one above and to you if you are reading me. 

Sharing my imperfect curves has empowered me a lot, it has engaged my ego in different conversations, introduce me to people from different walks of life with different understanding and approaches to doing things, for example, our recent release Katsot Mua Katson Sua brought to my realization what I can do with certain plugins to attain certain tone of voice.

You are right, should have started this lifestyle at the age of thirteen, on the real though I did, the lack of facilities got me a little behind time that is how best I can put it. 

It is never too late to start where you are, where you stand with what you have, some people will tell you how impossible your dream sound, it may look like a nightmare, that is if you don’t start now, it will be your greatest fear and regret (depress and bitterness) but if you start now, where you stand with what you have, your clouded thoughts will be cleared. 

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Human Relationships In The Creative Arts Industry

Why Won’t Hammer Stop Music Business For Bread Business.


Human relationships in the music or creative arts industry are deteriorating now and then, we are having our finest in the industry dropping out for other lucrative businesses because some among us can’t play the team game, can’t endure, ain’t patience enough, don’t even mind to understand the other parties strength and weaknesses.

The USE game, played by both sides, from the artist, engineer, media houses, and the producer, even to the listeners, but should every player in the industry see’s it has different skills, and capacity coming together to achieve maximum results, the term would have felt differently.

Latest update on VEMUnit YouTube Channel. Right Move Instrumentation.

Collaboration is one of the means, the artist gets to spread their game or music works but nowadays it feels like get used and dump, both artists are playing the mind game, one hiding to see who share the content created, slack of respect and sincerity in the field is making progress at the working field difficult.

A producer will take the time and energy to discover and build an artist, who will at the end of the day turn their back on their maker, happenings like that will force Hammer to sell bread because this time he will only invest in building his bakery and be dealing with a client who comes to buy.

Sound health, peace of mind is needed, and it is very vital in any field of work, that’s why I don’t play, don’t give a fuck what people who don’t understand what I’m about, think of me.

Latest Update At VishnuExpress YouTube Channel.

Readers a lot of the people they speak ill, talk behind me, speaks all kind of bullshit concerning you, take a good look, they don’t bring anything to your table apart from the wrong things you know of.

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Pian esitän itseni suomen kielellä.

Tänä aamuna ladasin uuden videon YouTube-kanavalleni, minuutin esittely itsestäni englanniksi.

En voi lopetta nauraa, niikon, Pure was like “VishnuExpress, tiedän koko tarina, tämä on yksi minuutin, koko maailma odottaa koko tarina.

Of course, jos tiedät sinä tiedät.

On the real though, the feedback is getting me educated in the field of video editing, and also getting to know alternative video editing software.

Using the little you have to get what you want.

Thanks everyone.

Artist Portfolio

Finest African Artist In Finland

The warm breeze touches my soft skin with tenderness, glow my face with such smooth calmness, lifted my eyebrows, above my shoulders there she was screaming VishnuExpress, your creative works are unique and you are the finest African Artist In Finland.

Tuun Kohta

Sometimes could get over your head because not everyone agrees with your beliefs nor opinions, how many of you agree with the notion ”VishnuExpress is the finest African Artist in Finland”

If you are reading me, hope you have faith, if you don’t have any, kindly try to develop one, I have not been publishing articles lately because had to watch this real-life story from the rear-view, step aside and watch at a distance.

Do you notice any difference? Here is where you will find the difference, that is why we have come up with the artist portfolio, not too fast, not too slow but a design speed to fit any form of system, example VEM Unit (Musiclothing) EP was not a topnotch professional production but have received topnotch professional feedback as we text the project is getting ready for a radio interview.

VEMUnit. Musiclothing EP
Best Ghanaian Afro Reggae Dancehall Poet Artist Finland

The last time I introduce them to the baker who bakes my bread, they went and kill the baker and the bakery, VishnuExpress is less photoshop and more originality, less hype and more organic, for example, Finnish House Of Afro Music Album cover, the colorful blast came up the minute the picture was placed in the daw.

Finnish House Of Afro Music
VishnuExpress. VEMUnit. Musiclothing

Still On The Grind

The Grind Music Showcase


Baba Nam Kevalam.

Our recent update on youtube and Spotify Baba Nam Kevalam and The Grind Music Showcase, simply focusing on the essence of love and nothing less, ei kukaan sano mitään, mitä näet on sama, losing myself to the tunes of the turning wheel.

Also made available is The Grind Music Showcase Spotify Playlist, don’t forget to pre save some tracks, I encourage you to check the character behind the voice/speaker, whiles I drive you to work, gym, family and friends in and outdoor gathering.

The Grind Music Showcase Spotify Playlist

Don’t make me laugh, they refuse our post from a Facebook group because it is self-promoted content? My guy, in loving memories we remember the dead, Bill Gates is already rich, we are up and coming if not because of Covid19, I thought he was living a life of the under Dog. Please.

Come to think of it, will rather use my platforms to promote or expose up and coming creative artist or business if they will use the right channel because no matter how it looks like ” We Ain’t Playing Out Here” Contact Us.

How many of you are following my activities on Instagram? if you are, big thanks and Glorious2021 to you, friends and families, and if you are not following my Instagram activities, I will leave the link below and always remember the great who created all things is with you.

VishnuExpress VEMUnit Shop

How can you support us? it may sound a bit crazy how VEMUnit Musiclothing idea has separated us from many unpleasant situations, ain’t that bad though mutta Oliver Twist haluaa lisää, I can’t deny it, musiclothing passion drive you insane.

Fanny pack is the ultimate accessory for people on the go. And this waist bag has everything—the right size, a small inside pocket, and adjustable straps—to become your favorite fashion item if you’re going to a festival, getting ready for a vacation, or just like to keep your hands free.
• 100% polyester
• Fabric weight: 9.91 oz/yd² (336 g/m²)
• Dimensions: H 6.5” (16cm), W 13” (33cm), D 2¾” (7cm)
• Water-resistant material
• Top zipper with 2 sliders
• Small, customizable inner pocket without zipper
• Silky lining, piped inside hems
• 1¼” wide adjustable straps with plastic strap regulators
• Blank product components sourced from China

The fashion scene keeps changing, it has become one’s choice to use the hard way, recent times has shown smarter ways to have things done, for example, make a purchase of any of our items, though it will be delivered to your doorstep safely, guess what? you are also helping to put others in the business.

Available in two sizes with an elastic stretch band, this hat is a sure winner in comfort! It has an athletic shape with a curved visor.
• 63% polyester/34% cotton/3% spandex twill
• Structured, 6-panel, mid-profile
• Stretch band
• Silver under visor
• Head circumference: 22” – 23 ⅞”

Giving someone something important/of benefit/responsibility is as well as helping to make life meaningful.

This medium size backpack is just what you need for daily use or sports activities! The pockets (including one for your laptop) give plenty of room for all your necessities, while the water-resistant material will protect them from the weather.

• Made from 100% polyester
• Dimensions: H 16⅞” (42cm), W 12¼” (31cm), D 3⅞” (10cm)
• Maximum weight limit – 44lbs (20kg)
• Water-resistant material
• Large inside pocket with a separate pocket for a 15” laptop, front pocket with a zipper, and a hidden pocket with zipper on the back of the bag
• Top zipper has 2 sliders, and there are zipper pullers attached to each slider
• Silky lining, piped inside hems, and a soft mesh back
• Padded ergonomic bag straps from polyester with plastic strap regulators
• Blank product components sourced from China.

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We Refuse To Be BROKE

Iso Noki Hattu

Iso Noki Hattu is a fisherman look-alike kind of hat, unisex fashion accessories that keep you on the low-key, suit any kind of weather, imagine with your dark shades on.

Iso Noki Hattu

Available Now

Recycled Sustainable Iso Noki Hattu

100% bomull, puuvilla, cotton

40% pese, wash. Iron (P)

5% can shrink.

Also available are fresh fabric designed products selling at Apua Ghanaan/Suomeen ry KotiKirppis , for direct postage contact us.

Iso Noki Hattu
Iso Noki Hattu

Iso Noki Hattu is been merchandise alongside our music product at Amazon.

Buy/purchase music/clothes to support our growth.

Check It Out, new RAWCUT (Learn The Songs Before The Tour)

Learn The Songs Before The Tour

I’m working with you people, as requested Bella is now streaming on Youtube, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.

Bella: VishnuExpress

Apart from Bella driving you crazy, I don’t know if the one I came across is the same as yours, request a song, composed purposely for your anniversary


”Still Learn The Songs Before The Tour” Raw cut VishnuExpress Path To Mix Mastery don’t forget to follow us at IG.

Watch @ Youtube

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Omapomo Movement Livestream

The ”If Not” song from the VEMUnit. Musiclothing Ep has got some good vibes and feelings, I just realized some people like the song because they think it is prayerful, meanwhile others associate themselves with the song because they think it contains, some kind of total surrendering vibes.

During the weekend, we had to run a livestream experiment with omapomo movement and JK Honk, though it was a bit of a hustle, we were able to put some two’s together for you to enjoy the outcome.

Topi Mäkelä: Graphic Designer , Juhani Honkonen: Dj,

”The guy ga balls” myself and I, everywhere in the program, from unfinished assignments to completed test, most times I had to break down and laugh, some times the feeling can get overwhelming

Check It Out

It is your channel and station, your favorite music and fashion outlet, VishnuExpress. VEMUnit, ongoing business idea like told you earlier Contact Us.

Warmly Welcome Our New Visitors

Saturday Is Here Again, His Glory Be and congratulation for accomplishing a successful week, we warmly welcome every new visitor to our blog, too hot for Facebook, our boys, girls, ladies, gents, men, and women turn up wonderfully amazing.

Hey, you rock, believe me, ain’t just a vibe, you are making VishnuExpress VEMUnit Musiclothing feel good, join the group, It is my hope I make you feel the same way too, believe you me, remaining that beautiful smile on your face is my main objective.

We started the week with the expectation to attract 100 new visitors to our VishnuExpress Blog site.  

At the moment we have attracted 67 new visitors, for which we are thankful for and warmly welcome everyone.  

This morning I pose a question to our digital promoters on how to entertain our new visitors and maintain known ones? knowing the recent changes on Facebook which have narrowed down activities especially for music creators.

My guess is to put in more work, create more intriguing content, compose catchy and entertaining music, write more blogs, do more vlogging, sew more demanding clothes, work on the delivery and packaging but no matter what I do, I must have a strategy or some kind of a plan and target at the back of the head.

It feels like we are running an emergency state, with recent news about the covid19 pandemic and restriction, a lot of people are finding new, and efficient ways of doing things.

Some are saying we are in the new world order, but if so, can the new world order do without music and fashion? for our recent changes or happening can be categories under fashion, therefore, encourage you to show massive support to our Spotify playlist and available content during this lockdown.

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Swedish Reggae Lions 100% Finsk FI Spotify Playlist

  Swedish reggae lions present to you 100% Finsk Fi Reggae Spotify playlist.  

Like And Follow Playlist

The 3 hours 14-minute set contains 52 Finnish produce songs, including the renowned and upcoming artist. 

The playlist includes artists like Puppa J, Jukka Poika, Raapana, Lord Est, Nopsajalka, Juknur, and many interesting artists, I encourage you to know about them.

You will find songs like Kaffiäissään from Kapteeni Ä-ni, Joku saa tietää from JätkäJätkä, Tuli from Laulurasta among the playlist.

VishnuExpress. Song titled If Not.

Guys, you must stream, like, and follow the playlist, this playlist will drive you safely to and from work, entertain you and friends with conscious Finnish reggae vibes.

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Join Fans of VishnuExpress group at facebook

Promote your music and creative projects, find creative artist to collaborate with and also resourceful personalities who might be interested in your craft.

Below link is our music product at amazon. Buy to support our future project.

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Iso Noki Tyyli Hattu

If not because of you won’t be here!

Iso Noki Tyyli Hattu

Colo Loco music video is out. Stream, like, comment and share.

Video directed by Vishnu Quao & FatJon3s, Filmed & Edited by Leo Kääriäinen Produce by lkaa Photography.

I encourage you to watch the music video above and also save the link below to participate/watch COLO LOCO OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE, dated 24th of July 2020 at 07:00 PM.

Stream and like our everyday playlist at spotify.

VishnuExpress Finnish House Of Afro Music

VishnuExpress Finnish House Of Afro Music.

Everything you ever desire will come your way, but you must work for it, prepare yourself for it, be ready to receive it.

In some cases, we don’t only have to stop dreaming, we have to create, make, shape, or forge who we want to be.

VishnuExpress Finnish House Of Afro Music

Best Afro Reggae Dancehall Poet Artist Finland
Best West African Afro Reggae Dancehall Poet Artist Finland.
Finland Jay Z
Finland Fela 
Dappa Poet Finland
Afro Fashion Finland
VishnuExpress Finnish Michael Jackson
Finnish Tupac. VishnuExpress Finnish Bob Marley.
VishnuExpress Finnish House Of Afro. Photo by Leo Kääriäinen

Colo Loco is already out, though going through processes, it is just a simple way to recite Slim Shady ”I’m Not Afraid” either love me for who I am or hate me for not pretending to be.

You must be expecting ”Check It Out”, do you remember the things you do most nights?

Included among VishnuExpress Finnish House Of Afro Music.

Soon Out

Everything you ever desire will come your way, but you must work for it, prepare yourself for it, be ready to receive it.

Stream Now VishnuExpress

VishnuExpress Spotify Playlist

Colo Loco

Colo Loco Performed by VishnuExpress

Colo Loco Is Out Now. Stream Now

Colo Loco is out streaming on all music distribution platform, another rough edges of ours. VEMUnit. Musiclothing

Colo Loco is a means to get few thoughts across, especially to the tellers who assume to know everything, while’s I satisfy my lovers and audience who wish to be part and want to see our creativity evolve.

Another fun moment turns out to have a feel of ‘nostalgic classic hip hop vibe’ Michael Bamfo

I remember working on the hi-hits, it was a bit funny talking to myself during the patterns creation and the application of effects.

Making the kick and snare to sound as old school as possible like found from the rags but guess what? getting my vocals to sound the way I wanted was Colo Loco.

At the end of the day, I’m getting saturated with these plugins.

Its my hope you feel motivated, don’t forget to stream VishnuExpress


Everywhere you see Musiikkivaatteet or Musiclothing, expect VishnuExpress and the VEM-Unit crew.
A movement made up of families, friends, clients, fans, lovers, and well-wishers to inspire and empower ourselves and communities.

Due to that, we released the Musiclothing VEMUnit EP

 #VishnuExpress VEMUnit #VEMUnit Musiclothing #Musiclothing Coming In Hot!
Stream/Download On Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Tidal, Google Play, PlayAfrica, Pandora, Zayon, Boomplay.

Click Link.





If Not Song Lyrics From Vishnuexpress VEMUnit Musiclothingep


There are some people in this life
I must be grateful to,
Especially the one above and you,
That make it possible,
That never give up on me,
To you I owe you. 2X

If not cos of you won‘t be here
Shootup unu lighter give thanks and praise.
Put up unu lighter give thanks and praise. 2x

Though I’m unclean at your presence you grant me favor
Though I can’t see you nakedly you love me passionately
You’re the infinite one
Everything in One
You dey blow my mind O
Mi nuh understand
When the evilious gather
You appear them boot a run
Be grateful fi life no matter
Pour them liquor R.I.P to the real OGs 6ft beneath
Speedy recovery to the weak and the sick.

If not cos of you won‘t be here
Shoot up unu lighter give thanks and praise.
Put up unu lighter give thanks and praise. 2x

I’m thankful for life
Be grateful for strength
Be thankful for health
I’m thankful for wealth
Be thankful for understanding
Everything should be okay
Elämässä tarvitset aika
Never will you reward evil for good
You reap what you sow’ when your heart is not true
Your love is pure and true wowow
Ita burn like lion, thunder fyah
Love and caring,
Your love a require
On a daily basis.

If not cos of you won‘t be here
Shootup unu lighter give thanks and praise.
Put up unu lighter give thanks and praise. 2x

Dancehall Fever

Sometimes it’s just pointless to argue because at the end of the day everyone has an opinion, you stick to the goal

It won’t cost a thing to appreciate the glory of the day, though some speak fast and others move slow.

Creation, already expresses itself in a rhythm before the dance class, before the club or disco, before anything else comes the I, how selfish sometimes can it be.

Every moment of our breath is a dancehall Fever, dancing to a cosmic melodies of the unknown.

Most times life takes us to the other side were shit goes up and down, sometimes it’s smoother, other times it’s just rough.

Dancehall Fever is a life song narrative, word in a relative presence of our daily life.

We see others with many who desire to lose it, we notice others climbing their way up from down there 👇, do you know how it feels?

We see others who don’t believe in God, Allah, Brahma, yet still find comfort with crystal balls. How loco the world can be?

Dancehall Fever talks about diversity, the unstoppable wheels of the infinite creator, the collective purpose of mankind, the mystic imprinted thoughts wailing to express beyond any limits.

Dancehall Fever scheduled to be out on the 7th of February, 2020, is a music collaboration with JAWMUSIC, as usual having the crew over to help finalize the works was amazing.

Alex on the graphic, though he didn’t believe I will use his artwork for the final cut. 🤣 I love you my people.

Jeremy I’m still having problem synchronizing the drums. O yea I found a way to use a bus channel for that.🤣

Still in the studio focused on the goal, yea, people talk but don’t forget to wait for Dancehall Fever.


When it feels like there’s no way, shake it up a bit there’s surely a way. If it’s working for me it will definitely work for you.

Where are you heading? How heavy is your burden? What do you want to achieve in life? What do you want in addition to what you’ve to startup.

Stop waiting and start walking, I’ve heard that voice before but somehow I got a lift halfway through the journey.

Maybe mine took little longer but yours can be just a flip of the fingers, just make sure you don’t burn the second candle out.

Find the problems and don’t leave them idle, try to solve them, ask questions like a little child ask so many questions.

Like a sick patient sincerely describe your sickness to your doctor, he or she should be able to prescribe a well define remedy.

Six years back could only somehow mix vocals using cubase, it was challenging to program my own beat, how I wanted to Adonai 💪🏾 O yes some among my readers were my motivation.

The can’t do it 🤣🤷🏾‍♀️ affirmative has to change. I was meant to ‘I can do it’ and so you can.

You know what? I’m not that perfect but I appreciate the rough edges, as soon as that is smoothing out Visnuexpress VEMUNIT #Musiclothing will be the heading.

Love My Dogs Video

I’m still counting the days into 2020, still counting the year loses and what must be grateful for.

You who made me and all things, if you read me, in sincere humbleness I appreciate you and Iso kiitos.

And to you who was there when I needed a friend, I’m riding and funking with you throughout the coming year, my brothers and sisters knowing what kind you’re is enough to cover the remaining years.

I love you dog though you didn’t show up at moms burial, 😜 still love you homie though was a bit disappointed how the business deal ended, 🤣still love you girl though you broke my heart and betrayed my love.🤷🏾‍♀️

Tears drop from my eye, I watch them drop on my pad, then look up with a smile, read my lips ‘though she is gone to her maker, I made you my reason.

Follow the blog I’ll tell you the ‘YOU REASON’ in our next post.

VEMUnit RLippis

#Vishnuexpress #VEMUnit #Musiclothing

If you’re in support of creating an environmental friendly surroundings and also interested in the uprising recycling movements to help save our health and earth, than you’re in support and will patronize our course of action.

#RLippis is a recycled product made out from slightly worn out vaatteet, though among are fresh fabrics similar and different products.

Some of this #RLippis are recycled from major fashion label, of which many will call vintage clothing labels. 🤣

VishnuExpress Ompelupalvelut Turku

VishnuExpress Ompelupalvelut Turku

Valmis samana päivänä tai asiakas voi juoda kupin kahvia veloutuksetta odottaessaantyön valmistumista.

VishnuExpress on laulava räätäli jolla pysyy sakset kädessä ja tyylit räpistä afro popista regeeseen on hallussa.

VishnuExpress Ompelupalvelut Turku on ympäristöystävällinen joka tarjoaa alla olevat palvelut.

* Korjausompelu

* Muodistus ja vaateompelu

* Sisustusompelut

* Pikapalvelu

Pikapalvelusta veloutetaan tupla hinta kertaa. ( valmis samana päivänä tai asiakas voi juoda kupin kahvia veloutuksetta odottaessaantyön valmistumista)

Joskus teen ilmainen työ apua ghanaan/suomeen ry kirppis asiakkaalle.

VEMUnit Musiclothing

Lying there in bed thinking of my next move.

Should I get out this bed what should I do? most times the first circumstance are clouded thoughts.

All you may need at this moment is to be thankful for breath, take a moment to reflect from where you left off to bed.

Yesterday came across a fan who follows my activities on social media but never had the chance to listen to my music. I’as a bit sad 😞

This are the links to my music. Apple phone should be easier to find.

A little surprised, then came across an amazing fan, who wish our musiclothing production all the best.

Still in the moment, I remembered one of his interesting questions ‘how can you get your YouTube channel to hit 1m

How do you expect me to answer this question?

But my answer was just simple ‘numbers don’t impress me anymore, everything you see can be bought and replace, it’s only a matter of doing the right things, making the right amount of money and taking your products to the right audience, everyone you see that smiles with you may not have the best intentions for you.

Then he said stay grinding, you may not be as successful today but look around you, you’re a source of inspiration to many who find it difficult to acknowledge you.

This homie ain’t 2 by 4, he is really following my activities, not just on social media but taking the chance to listen to my music, because #staygrinding is a song by Doberg of which i’as featured on couple of weeks ago.

Information I’m having, the artist is going through a phase in life that’s challenging our next music collaboration ‘Undecided Yet’ is still not decided yet.

We could have grab a beer but I’ve a bus to catch and an urgent meeting to attend.

The flashbacks flash smiles on my face, now let me get off this bed, compress data for mix.

Hope you found something of use from the text.

Blessings people! And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channels.

New joint I’m working on Beast

Omapomo Movement

There are many of us out there, many who feel same way so don’t you feel alone, some are left with shuttered dreams because the system can’t give them work, not to mention a wage to even invest in their dream.

As if the job is meant for selected few, that feel, you feel, you ain’t lucky enough, an age that provides one with education to be unemployed, unless you can create your own job.

A system that requires you to be certified but at the end of the day, you become master of no skills but papers, for one have to chase the jobs according to seasons.

It doesn’t matter how many ill occurrences you’ve experienced in your past, the few sincere, enthusiastic, and kind hearted people we meet makes a difference.

The future is bright no matter how many wolves found themselves among sheep’s, because among this sheep’s there are lion lambs.

Someday true goodness and kindness will overcome fake gestures, my youths be proud, for your youths are wonderfully made with no strings attached, your true self warble the destiny of many selected fakes, keep grinding for only true friends understand.

It’s easy to know, connect or relate with almost everything if one is aware of the self , he or she who is left with the self to find is likely to live an illusive life.

I hope you found this clouded thoughts meaningful.


That magic touch don’t just come overnight, most times we’ve to try different ways and means to get things done, just like creating or becoming the next Newton.

Our music, tailoring or creative works has 99 risk in partaking and 21 lessons to be learnt throughout the process, that I can state for now🤣

Recently PabloBass gave me a guitar lesson reminder, it was there I noticed I’as getting too absorbed in the electronic digital age of making music, honestly it’s a new world for me and I’m loving it.🤩

Then it occur to me how a long break can influence the functioning of my fingers, there are something’s in life, if you’re not aware you are missing out, therefore nowadays an hour play or fingering every morning really helps.

Like seriously that comes before the snap reply and checking of emails 🤣

The funky truth of the matter is, everything has broaden my scope of understanding, doing and getting things done, example like playing the keyboard, honestly that I know nothing about but love it when I see others play and now I see myself playing.🤣💪🏾

It has open much avenues for me to bounce back quick enough anytime I take a break, for every break or movement is in line with achieving the goal.

We are all sell outs so mind none when they call you one.

Yesterday’s Studio Session Was Lit

Learning the principles of customer privacy especially when dealing with real clients and not models.

Don’t get me wrong though, models make the works look good and attractive.

They make you want to participate and through the models the producer is able to give directives on how the goods can be used.

All the same, I’ve to finish making this hand stitches for this cases before head to meet Pablo at the studio.

People don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel @ VishnuExpress

If you’re not following us on SoundCloud please do @ VEMUnit

What about Spotify are you following our activities?

Let’s Build This Industry

My wish is to help build this industry and not take from it.

The finding is for myself but we believe lot of improvement can be done and strongly believe some among us are aware.

The media has a significant role to play if we sincerely want that transformation.

Though there are various media outlets in terms awareness, marketing and promotion such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others, our immediate media can educate the masses about the value to patronize home made produce.

That said, have we asked ourselves how we individually handle our wastage in terms of recycling? the climate awareness campaign has been ringing for a while, some seems to be of concern and to the others as if we are not in a climate crisis.

But think about this ‘ managing a waste you didn’t produce but consume’ countries like China use to accept Americans wastage and through that have grown an economy that the world depends on for their mass production.

Now they don’t accept that wastage anymore after transforming into a giant industrial country.

We lot aware some of our friends and families sometimes have to buy their produce online for us to do the amendment to suit their measurement.

Why can’t we start now because it never too late, why can’t we create an environmental friendly industry that will create jobs, employment opportunities for our fellows.

I don’t know where you are located if you’re reading me, but maybe you are consuming a product you didn’t produce ‘ have you thought of our to manage that waste? especially if it’s a plastic product, think about the green house effect?

In our small way we’ve agreed to contribute to the recycling campaign happening around the world to help save our climate crisis.

In the above picture is VishnuExpress in a sleeveless shirt made from a old lastex shirt, patched jeans part of the shirt made from old Tommy Hilfiger jeans, the Rasta cap made from old Ralph Lauren Polo Jean found in the second hand shop, the army nylon fabric was from a good friend that support our creative ideas.

Fellow reader you can be part of the solution in your small own way.

Thanks for stopping by, always stay bless.


Lifestyle because it’s a mindset, when you’ve seen people speak the same language but yet still lack common understanding, then one will realize we all need help and some of us need people to talk to, but who?

Sometimes the word WORK makes it compulsory, as if they are forcing one against their will but once you develop the rhythm and master the routine one will definitely find the fun in everything you do.

Life is not fun for others, mostly those who listen too much of what’s happening in their head, what they know about you than mindful of what happening around them or what you say to them.

Lifestyle because it respect and welcomes any form of life nor culture, just like any space for art that encourages creativity and exposes its rich benefits.

It’s fun going to work with the mindset of going to the gym, especially when you not going to sign documents or drive the plane, but one is going to clean the ship for just an hour or two.

That’s the lifestyle of this creative mindset, which sprout beyond the perceptions of limit and fear .

keep grinding getting into the ship soon.

Tribute To Mom

The mother love never had now gone for eternity.

The first and last we met, immediately felt she was the one that gave me birth, changed my diapers when was a kid.

Then remembered the last days she left to Nigeria 🇳🇬 as a little kid to work, was like four to five years of age then.

She’ll put the apron round my neck before breakfast, will run to her even when at fault.

Then she had to leave for Nigeria where she work and spent best of her life, the country of my birth, though both parents are Ghanaians we hardly meet in person apart from text and phone calls.

To eternity now she work, her kind and caring nature the last time we met, she will insist I come home for dinner and even insist I come to dinner with my friends.

The little moment meant a lot, and true friends are aware of the lonely moment.

This song is a tribute to my mom, those absences and cherished moments we shared.

Beat, song mix and mastered by D. O. E Galileo Art Cover by International Music Magazine

You can listen to the song @ Cdbaby when release, now you can share my immediate sad moment @ YouTube

At this link is our store you can find our merchandise including RIPMom T-Shirt

Still mourning whiles hustling, I must jump off the bus from here, ‘Mom have kicked the bucket’ will keep you updated.

Love My Dogs

Don’t be surprise, the only information you must disbelieve is if you heard I’ve done harm to humanity.

I am harmless and yes why not? You must be afraid if your intentions aren’t good, and of course I am unpredictable.

You heard it right, Love My Dogs is included in the upcoming music project, like they say remix and a matter of funk will be the first to usher the whole album.

Yes the data have gone to Nigeria 🇳🇬, Switzerland and back, that should tell everyone I’m not on this album project alone.

The song beat laid by the Bart’s Brother, mix and mastered by producer Asher E, graphics by Alex Sokol is a sign of appreciation to the good people I met on my journey and especially the infinite one for his guidance and blessings.

Yes of course, we’ve nothing to share than love and good vibes has we travel, when the vibes is wrong be willing to accept its a reflection, because by nature I’ll willingly accept mine.

What’s new about the remix song? The song will be riding on its own beat, we have included there OMAPOMO MOVEMENT, of which related relatives and relationships understands.

We can talk about #OPM some other time.

The song which will be in all music stores is an inspiration, and I’ll like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved, those that took their time out to send us listening feedbacks, remember everything you mentioned we are working on it and you make up a great team.

Having a clear vision of what I want and having the right people with the rightful understanding, network and knowhow is what I’ve been praying patiently waiting for since long.

Kind readers, like they say on radio stay tune, we will feed your listening ears with good music and content.

Keep supporting us likewise we are concern about you, you can reach anytime and feel welcome.

Here comes my 🚌.

Thanks and best regards. See you soon.🙏🏽🙏🏽

My wife is my mam

Yes my wife is older than me and so what🤣🤣

let me put it this way, maybe I didn’t try enough to find her qualities in the younger ones I’as with before.

Upon reading your emails, I will take this cup of coffee to clear few issues.

After I lost my first marriage, I went through a muddy face of life, of which I even lost a son.

Though, she might have 10 kids of her own and I don’t have any , she is wealth the qualities I expect from a younger woman🤣🤣🙏🏽

A lot of assumption and rumors going about, ‘I married her to get access to Finnish paper, but if some of the younger Finnish ladies I’as with will be honest, they gave me that same opportunity for us to be together but I choose her, why because none among them were talking in her direction we are now.

OMG she manages my sewing, she market my sewing skills, she is not insecure but she has much confidence in her dreams and ambitions, let say I married her for the love, kindness and goodness she has done for my country.

Almost 13 years back to date, she been sending donations and help to 🇬🇭 , without a certified association or organization, all she get out of that were just prove of pictures to show the donations were properly distributed.

Please don’t you agreed she needs to be honored and recognized for her good and kind works, she did all this 10-12 years project without even a proper affiliate on the coast, and that I desire for her when I met her.

Document wise to own her hustle if organizing charitable activities makes her happy.

People don’t misjudge, now I can tell you lot, now she has a registered and recognized association Apua Ghanaan Suomeen Ry with some of her kids as directors, and she is also well affiliated now with a certified organization UAMP Foundation on the coast continuing her selfless service to humanity to some part of the Ghanaian communities.

She set things up proper and she manages things like I dream my woman to be if she was around my age, as long as I am happy, content and grateful God will provide the rest, especially your wishful thinking.

You are welcome to buy from her home second shop, if you live around Turku Finland 🇫🇮 , she uses the sales made to carry out her selfless service to the people of Ghana 🇬🇭 in terms of packaging, transportation, and shipment of donations.

I know lot people are not happy with my decision, maybe it could be my dharma, so be patient let me burn my karma.

She must be recognized for her work and if through hell I have to make that happen/ then imma be a good friend to the devil/ to see joy on many faces.

I hope somehow have cleared the air of uncertainty.

Keep your inbox coming and don’t forget to join the mailing list, I’ve a lot interesting stories coming up, not imaginary but realties of life.

Like and share. Peace and love. 💯❤️🤘🏿🙌🏿🇬🇭🇫🇮✍🏾

VishnuExpress Creative Uniqueness SuomiPop

VishnuExpress Definition Of Musical Uniqueness SuomiPop

VishnuExpress is not only unique in music creation, the artist has developed a similar passion for his tailoring craft, and everything he is involved in. 

The artist’s eclectic blend of Afro high life and popping funk have music lovers talking about his personality and future prospects.

His profound image and character have created his own alternative music genre, where lovers of music can get a bit of rap, spoken word, toasted ragga, singing, whatever dynamics they want in music.  

In the recent release SuomiPop, the artist’s intention is to make entertainment more entertaining, based on a radio show he watched and felt a bit of his being have been touched, therefore musically has to respond to clear their confusion.

VishnuExpress SuomiPop

My confidence can’t be intimidated no matter my looks, something about me remains me of my mom and so shall it be, no matter how rich I get won’t be changed. 

Stream VishnuExpress @ Spotify


Feedback On Dripping In Your Head.

What do you think about song titled Dripping In Your Head?

Gaining. Leveling. Eqing. And Compression, what’s your take on the above topics?

Like told you earlier, I’m building with you, Imma expose y’all how to build strength and earn the respect you deserve.

Don’t you feel the evolving of inner growth and outside beauty, do you have any suggestions how to treat the drums and the bass?

I’m enjoying myself at the moment, at first felt like one has bought a car for friends to fill up the tank with bensi.

I understand some of you are about the lyrical content, but I’m much concerned with the #mixmasterypath.

I would not have made it this far without emastered I suggest you try during your mixing and mastering process using this link. Get notice at the door not among the crowd.

VishnuExpress Dripping In Your Head

What do you think about send reverb and delay, especially on a group mono track? (Vocals)

How will you set your wet and dry parameters on a mono group track?

Always on my mind. Always stream VishnuExpress @ Spotify

VishnuExpress Update

I feel reincarnated to be in Finland, was my response to the young fellow that asked ” If I like it in Finland ”, can we schedule this inquiry for later? I have a job interview to attend.

Life Is Rugged And Raw, The Hindrance is You 

By the way, though the past week has been a busy one, we still took some chances to update our YouTube Channel and also started anchor content creation. 

Don’t remind me how hard the hustle is, but it has been great fun and experience.

Before I drop you the links below, don’t forget to revisit your scale of preference, skill them down according to priorities, if even you can’t practice or execute any a day, try to read them every day, most definitely something will connect. 

VishnuExpress Coffee Breakfast Podcast was also on you, a listener suggested I turn the whole concept into a motivational podcast. What do you think?

VishnuExpress Coffee Breakfast Podcast

You already know the dynamics in creativity, that ” I am Good At It ” I believe art itself has created a space for every practitioner to coexist. Why the nonsense?

VishnuExpress: Good At It

Sweet Reggae Music is also streaming at Audiomack.

Music has been a means of escape for many and especially reggae music has been an edutainment material that echos awareness, informs the movement of the free spirit, and is a symbol that calls for justice without regard to race.
The off timing recognizes the slackness of mankind not been perfect, which we adhere to find a common grounds or understanding to move collectively in the attainment of a better life.

VishnuExpress Sweet Reggae Music

Keep Skankin also streaming at Audiomack.

In search of bread, many of our brothers and sisters have turned to enemies, love doesn’t really matter anymore when profit is involved in our present world.
Most times we turn to forget the music we dance to #stressfree #lovesomuch has gone through so much transformation to achieve that vibrant embodiment of sounds, which involves EQ, Compression, Desser and many more for the Kick, Snare, Bass, Strings, Piano and the rest to move collectively giving you that perfect sound to skank with.
The element echos confidence, energies of nobility, far enough from whichever background, questioning why it has taken mankind that long to attain reasoning. #onerace #union #togetherness #unification.

VishnuExpress Keep Skankin

Dripping And Someone Hatin preview got the attention intended, the energy to bend is just too much, therefore my plan was to swallow the two. On the real though, I have been thinking to move ” The Postman Album Reach For Your Dream ” vocal recording into some cottage or improve the studio acoustic.

Dripping And Someone Hatin

Stream Our Playlist at Spotify

VEMUnit. Musiclothing Playlist

Focus On Yourself

Focusing On Yourself

Should Help You Balance Your Life

That’s not the reason to be selfish but the time in the season for self-assessment and further advancement, set healthy relationships among your loved ones and those who have you at heart.  

Shop IsoNokiHattu At Apua Ghanaan/Suomeen Ry Kotikirppis.

Shxt must not expand, and if it does it is your sense of awareness and state of progress that must expand when you capitalize on yourself, who doesn’t want to get ahead in life? It starts by minding your business, focusing on you makes you build your own goals.

VEMUnit Musiclothing EP Streaming At All Music Distribution Platform.

The acquisition of knowledge and resources to become successful is not an overnight job, most importantly who we are? where we are? has a significant role to play when making a choice. 

Paska on rahaa, after undergoing various changes it redefines itself and usage to the consumer.

Bill Gates Dreams.

We become aware of the above-mentioned attributes when we focus on the self, guess what, life itself has a lesson to teach, but when the self is centered it finds its balance during the storm and walks boldly in the rain without any disturbances or fear. 

In order to promote my creative content, that is music and tailoring, which I called Musiclothing, the quest has compelled me to acquire certain knowledge, set me through certain experiences that will cost a lifetime to those not with similar backgrounds. 

Who feels it knows it, how can you feel it when you are nosy in other’s business? You can only assume it when you are nosy, but feel it when you stream VishnuExpress at Spotify and make sure you are 100% involved.