Enthusiastic Creative Studio/Unit. Determined And Open Minded Character. Visionary And Humanitarian.

VEMUnit is an ongoing music and clothing manufacturing business idea.

The VEMUnit is made up of two assembling lines VEMusic and VEClothing, one deals with the manufacturing of Music, and the other plant deals with the production of Clothes. (Unisex)

The founder and CEO Vishnu Nii Kumi Nathan Quao is a singer, songwriter, and tailor known as VishnuExpress in the Afro reggae dancehall spoken word music genre.

Now independent artist, VishnuExpress and the VEMUnit has released VEMUnit Musiclothing EP (a six months evaluation project in beat composition) and Finnish House Of Afro Music ( Path to Mix Mastery) under VEMusic (VishnuExpress Music, manages and administrate VEMUnit music distribution and licensing)

BPJ CollectionSeeking investors and business partners for 15% returns, interested participants should contact us for further discussion. 

VishnuExpress. VEMUnit

The formerly signed artist to a German record label VishnuExpress is a dedicated personality, the kind people call the goal-getter, won’t stop at nothing to see his dream designs boldly fashioned on the wall, open-minded, enthusiastic, creative, what most people call a visionary, ready to embrace new skills, aware when to say No and Yes.

Iso Noki HattuTo help market and merchandising the music product, the VEClothing ( VishnuExpress Clothing manages and administrate the manufacturing of VEMUnit clothing line) have designed fashion accessories product, IsoNokiHuttua,  Kali.LippisYogaMate Bag the Unit is merchandising alongside our music product.

Iso Noki HattuYou can find VEMUnit clothing/fashion products at Apua Ghanaan/Suomeen ry Koti Krippis for purchase, you can also order directly by contacting us

We are looking forward to work/partner with like minds, who are reliable, passionate about what they do, efficient communication skills, comfortable with risk, ability to build strong business relationships, fiscally responsible.

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VishnuExpress VEMUnit. Musiclothing

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