VishnuExpress Update

I feel reincarnated to be in Finland, was my response to the young fellow that asked ” If I like it in Finland ”, can we schedule this inquiry for later? I have a job interview to attend.

Life Is Rugged And Raw, The Hindrance is You 

By the way, though the past week has been a busy one, we still took some chances to update our YouTube Channel and also started anchor content creation. 

Don’t remind me how hard the hustle is, but it has been great fun and experience.

Before I drop you the links below, don’t forget to revisit your scale of preference, skill them down according to priorities, if even you can’t practice or execute any a day, try to read them every day, most definitely something will connect. 

VishnuExpress Coffee Breakfast Podcast was also on you, a listener suggested I turn the whole concept into a motivational podcast. What do you think?

VishnuExpress Coffee Breakfast Podcast

You already know the dynamics in creativity, that ” I am Good At It ” I believe art itself has created a space for every practitioner to coexist. Why the nonsense?

VishnuExpress: Good At It

Sweet Reggae Music is also streaming at Audiomack.

Music has been a means of escape for many and especially reggae music has been an edutainment material that echos awareness, informs the movement of the free spirit, and is a symbol that calls for justice without regard to race.
The off timing recognizes the slackness of mankind not been perfect, which we adhere to find a common grounds or understanding to move collectively in the attainment of a better life.

VishnuExpress Sweet Reggae Music

Keep Skankin also streaming at Audiomack.

In search of bread, many of our brothers and sisters have turned to enemies, love doesn’t really matter anymore when profit is involved in our present world.
Most times we turn to forget the music we dance to #stressfree #lovesomuch has gone through so much transformation to achieve that vibrant embodiment of sounds, which involves EQ, Compression, Desser and many more for the Kick, Snare, Bass, Strings, Piano and the rest to move collectively giving you that perfect sound to skank with.
The element echos confidence, energies of nobility, far enough from whichever background, questioning why it has taken mankind that long to attain reasoning. #onerace #union #togetherness #unification.

VishnuExpress Keep Skankin

Dripping And Someone Hatin preview got the attention intended, the energy to bend is just too much, therefore my plan was to swallow the two. On the real though, I have been thinking to move ” The Postman Album Reach For Your Dream ” vocal recording into some cottage or improve the studio acoustic.

Dripping And Someone Hatin

Stream Our Playlist at Spotify

VEMUnit. Musiclothing Playlist

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