Wait On Helsinki

The Wheels Of Change And The Cost Of Breath.

  • Finest Afro Reggae Dancehall Rap Artist In Finland
  • VishnuExpress Feat. The Prince Of Weed
  • Finnish House Of Afro Music
  • VEMUnit. Musiclothing EP

I’m going through an epiphany, it is difficult to deny and hard to describe, I also feel there is a greater force that is in control.

Most times I will ask why? what can be done, but I don’t stress about the things I am not in control of. 

The moment you feel your true self revisiting and revealing its beauty you feel passionate than before. I’m in a reflective mood, rearrangement of thoughts and plans, shutting down voices that don’t encourage growth, and here I am publishing a post. 

The world is at your fingertips, most times all it takes is to trust yourself, hard work has proven to pays off even if not in cash it can open closed doors.

You can call it good luck but as long as you are experiencing breath of life, you are part of a change to be made, a goal to be accomplished.

I encourage you to spend some time watching the videos we have on our YouTube channel, last year by this time I have lost all my YouTube content but here we are today our channel is monetized with over 100k views, I’m grateful to the one above and to you if you are reading me. 

Sharing my imperfect curves has empowered me a lot, it has engaged my ego in different conversations, introduce me to people from different walks of life with different understanding and approaches to doing things, for example, our recent release Katsot Mua Katson Sua brought to my realization what I can do with certain plugins to attain certain tone of voice.

You are right, should have started this lifestyle at the age of thirteen, on the real though I did, the lack of facilities got me a little behind time that is how best I can put it. 

It is never too late to start where you are, where you stand with what you have, some people will tell you how impossible your dream sound, it may look like a nightmare, that is if you don’t start now, it will be your greatest fear and regret (depress and bitterness) but if you start now, where you stand with what you have, your clouded thoughts will be cleared. 

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