AfroFinns Urban Collections

Pre Save Featuring The Prince Of Weed is schedule for 09.04.2021. Are You Ready?

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Pre Save, save to save a life is a foundational afro-pop rap song featuring The Prince Of Weed with a heavily toasted hydro flow rap that synchronizes with the bass element to edutain you in the present moment, similar to talking drums that create awareness for the future.

Before the announced release, we have updated our youtube channel with videos, little clips of Pre Save, African Movie SoundTrack, lastly, yesterday uploaded Afro Urban Collection. 

Afro Urban Collections

In a nutshell, we have been busy with a different kind of project, Larry, I did not leave you out, I did as you suggested, at least we have a publication about PRE SAVE. 

Readers, I will leave an attached link to this publication, visit the link, Pre Save both artists and pre-order before the release date.

African Movie SoundTrack.

On the real though, our YouTube channel during the past week qualified for YouTube monetization, you are therefore welcome, in terms of collaboration works, partnership content creation, and if you are that upcoming business mind, link up for the best of deals. 


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