Still On The Grind

The Grind Music Showcase


Baba Nam Kevalam.

Our recent update on youtube and Spotify Baba Nam Kevalam and The Grind Music Showcase, simply focusing on the essence of love and nothing less, ei kukaan sano mitään, mitä näet on sama, losing myself to the tunes of the turning wheel.

Also made available is The Grind Music Showcase Spotify Playlist, don’t forget to pre save some tracks, I encourage you to check the character behind the voice/speaker, whiles I drive you to work, gym, family and friends in and outdoor gathering.

The Grind Music Showcase Spotify Playlist

Don’t make me laugh, they refuse our post from a Facebook group because it is self-promoted content? My guy, in loving memories we remember the dead, Bill Gates is already rich, we are up and coming if not because of Covid19, I thought he was living a life of the under Dog. Please.

Come to think of it, will rather use my platforms to promote or expose up and coming creative artist or business if they will use the right channel because no matter how it looks like ” We Ain’t Playing Out Here” Contact Us.

How many of you are following my activities on Instagram? if you are, big thanks and Glorious2021 to you, friends and families, and if you are not following my Instagram activities, I will leave the link below and always remember the great who created all things is with you.

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