Warmly Welcome Our New Visitors

Saturday Is Here Again, His Glory Be and congratulation for accomplishing a successful week, we warmly welcome every new visitor to our blog, too hot for Facebook, our boys, girls, ladies, gents, men, and women turn up wonderfully amazing.

Hey, you rock, believe me, ain’t just a vibe, you are making VishnuExpress VEMUnit Musiclothing feel good, join the group, It is my hope I make you feel the same way too, believe you me, remaining that beautiful smile on your face is my main objective.

We started the week with the expectation to attract 100 new visitors to our VishnuExpress Blog site.  

At the moment we have attracted 67 new visitors, for which we are thankful for and warmly welcome everyone.  

This morning I pose a question to our digital promoters on how to entertain our new visitors and maintain known ones? knowing the recent changes on Facebook which have narrowed down activities especially for music creators.

My guess is to put in more work, create more intriguing content, compose catchy and entertaining music, write more blogs, do more vlogging, sew more demanding clothes, work on the delivery and packaging but no matter what I do, I must have a strategy or some kind of a plan and target at the back of the head.

It feels like we are running an emergency state, with recent news about the covid19 pandemic and restriction, a lot of people are finding new, and efficient ways of doing things.

Some are saying we are in the new world order, but if so, can the new world order do without music and fashion? for our recent changes or happening can be categories under fashion, therefore, encourage you to show massive support to our Spotify playlist and available content during this lockdown.

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