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Wait On Helsinki

The Wheels Of Change And The Cost Of Breath. I’m going through an epiphany, it is difficult to deny and hard to describe, I also feel there is a greater force that is in control. Most times I will ask why? what can be done, but I don’t stress about the things I am not … Continue reading Wait On Helsinki

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Focus On Yourself

Focusing On Yourself Should Help You Balance Your Life That’s not the reason to be selfish but the time in the season for self-assessment and further advancement, set healthy relationships among your loved ones and those who have you at heart.   Shop IsoNokiHattu At Apua Ghanaan/Suomeen Ry Kotikirppis. Shxt must not expand, and if it … Continue reading Focus On Yourself

VishnuExpress Feat. The Prince Of Weed

AfroFinns Urban Collections

Pre Save Featuring The Prince Of Weed is schedule for 09.04.2021. Are You Ready? Pre Save, save to save a life is a foundational afro-pop rap song featuring The Prince Of Weed with a heavily toasted hydro flow rap that synchronizes with the bass element to edutain you in the present moment, similar to talking drums … Continue reading AfroFinns Urban Collections

VishnuExpress. VEMUnit. Musiclothing


Pian esitän itseni suomen kielellä. Tänä aamuna ladasin uuden videon YouTube-kanavalleni, minuutin esittely itsestäni englanniksi. En voi lopetta nauraa, niikon, Pure was like “VishnuExpress, tiedän koko tarina, tämä on yksi minuutin, koko maailma odottaa koko tarina. Of course, jos tiedät sinä tiedät. On the real though, the feedback is getting me educated in the field … Continue reading Kohta

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Artist Portfolio

Finest African Artist In Finland The warm breeze touches my soft skin with tenderness, glow my face with such smooth calmness, lifted my eyebrows, above my shoulders there she was screaming VishnuExpress, your creative works are unique and you are the finest African Artist In Finland. Sometimes could get over your head because not everyone … Continue reading Artist Portfolio

Luova Taide

VishnuExpress VEMUnit. Musiclothing TEMUO18 Luova Taide Elämä on niikon esimerkksi kuin autorengas, meilla on talvi ja kesärengas, kuten muoti. Katso video youtubessa, se nätytää muotimalliston, ja kuuntele kappaletta joka kertoo elämästä ja rakkauden kaunendesta. Pukeudumme tilaisuuteen, joka muuttuu jatkuvasti, kuten elämä. Ihmisen vaisto selviytyä on persu asia lapsen syntymästä lähtien. Kuuntele kappaleita

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