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Follow VishnuExpress At Spotify

Welcome Once Again To VishnuExpress VEMUnit Musiclothing. Quick reminder Of Our Recent Update  Water Enemy Is Far Not Near. Sing Glory streaming at Audiomack Kindly include Finnish House Of Afro Music in your Spotify playlist, click Here to stream the Album. Follow VishnuExpress At Spotify

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VishnuExpress Creative Uniqueness SuomiPop

VishnuExpress Definition Of Musical Uniqueness SuomiPop VishnuExpress is not only unique in music creation, the artist has developed a similar passion for his tailoring craft, and everything he is involved in.  The artist’s eclectic blend of Afro high life and popping funk have music lovers talking about his personality and future prospects. His profound image and … Continue reading VishnuExpress Creative Uniqueness SuomiPop

VishnuExpress Update

I feel reincarnated to be in Finland, was my response to the young fellow that asked ” If I like it in Finland ”, can we schedule this inquiry for later? I have a job interview to attend. Life Is Rugged And Raw, The Hindrance is You  By the way, though the past week has been a … Continue reading VishnuExpress Update

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Collaboration Shapes And Forms

Limited Circle Keep The Square Heads Wondering. Let’s Collaborate Creative Artist. Though the development of an artist is an individual or cooperative realization, it works harmoniously well when it is related to its true nature and essence. We began by practicing our talents alone and then we expose our craft to friends and families, in … Continue reading Collaboration Shapes And Forms

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Wait On Helsinki

The Wheels Of Change And The Cost Of Breath. I’m going through an epiphany, it is difficult to deny and hard to describe, I also feel there is a greater force that is in control. Most times I will ask why? what can be done, but I don’t stress about the things I am not … Continue reading Wait On Helsinki

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