VishnuExpress. VEMUnit. Musiclothing

Check It Out VishnuExpress

Check It Out, come and have a look, it is getting crazy out here, koskenkorva popping, young, wild and loco.

VishnuExpress VEMUnit Musiclothing

Most times, I wonder what some of you guys in the club on, some of these faces looks like they would like to fall down, that dance be like you on something different, can we please run a drugs test? 😁

O man, if you trained for it, you are built for the speed, this ecstatic shit got you flipping, thinking everyone creeping on you, guys you need a break, stop and listen to VishnuExpress.

Check It Out the VEMUnit Musiclothing Playlist, collaborative as funk so don’t forget to share among friends, before I forget Like/❤ and follow artist page.

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