Colo Loco

Colo Loco Performed by VishnuExpress

Colo Loco Is Out Now. Stream Now

Colo Loco is out streaming on all music distribution platform, another rough edges of ours. VEMUnit. Musiclothing

Colo Loco is a means to get few thoughts across, especially to the tellers who assume to know everything, while’s I satisfy my lovers and audience who wish to be part and want to see our creativity evolve.

Another fun moment turns out to have a feel of ‘nostalgic classic hip hop vibe’ Michael Bamfo

I remember working on the hi-hits, it was a bit funny talking to myself during the patterns creation and the application of effects.

Making the kick and snare to sound as old school as possible like found from the rags but guess what? getting my vocals to sound the way I wanted was Colo Loco.

At the end of the day, I’m getting saturated with these plugins.

Its my hope you feel motivated, don’t forget to stream VishnuExpress

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