Happy Easter Every Reader

Material wealth I’ve none but how to fish we can reason about that.
Just like said to Surge El Cheko, I am seeking almost every time, my curiosity to find out the rudimental remedies that will improve my standard of living and the next person will not end.

Earlier today, I was having a conversation with Roland about his work and health condition, then he made mention of a kid in India complaining of hunger because of covid-19 lockdown.
How he managed to keep online? I asked myself, hungry means broke can’t afford food, online means he or she can afford a data.
Immediately I said to Roland, he may be hungry but he does not look hungry to me, because he is online and for almighty seek he can use that platform another way round, not just to seem hungry wanting mere food.
Put him on the ” learn to fish program”
There, I asked Roland to suggest to him if he would be interested to help promote my music video to his friends and families and in groups he is a member on Facebook.
‘Every 1-2 k viewers will earn him 5£’ brilliant as he was, he realized how he could sell organic viewers for content creators, especially musicians working on a low budget.

Now he should be researching on how to receive payment and what it entails for him to be effective at the idea.

The phone rang because someone mentioned money, O yes let’s get to work.

Yes, of course, human expectation.

How much material wealth will have your love in return? WHY must one buy your love and not grow your interest.

Like said earlier, it’s an idea, it started with a clouded thought, now has finally found clarity.

Happy Easter To Every Reader.

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