r.kurkijávri Usvia City of Mosaick Land Of Frequencies.

Today I find it humbly necessary to introduce to you Roni Kurkijávri also known as r.kurkijávri, a Finnish artist, musician and photographer, a wonderful person you will like to meet and share quality time with.

Fellow readers, luckily for us today we’re going to text about his album Usvia City Of Mosaick,

Album released 2015

On a personal note the album is a masterpiece of art, fusion of frequencies from different lands and cultures.

It’s a mind blowing concepts, talk of time investment, the instrumentation that composed the whole album, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, 12-string acoustic guitar, electric bass, frettless bass, piano, harmonica, harmonium, djembe, drums, percussions, shakers, tibetian bells, singing bowls, cymbals,
vocals, soundscapes, nature sounds, tree-bark, knives, shredded advertisement and news-papers, access virus ti, korg kaosspad, roland tb-3, looping, echoes, delays, variable digital fx, vibrating physical objects and other sound alchemy.

The album technically composed with Antares M: Flutes. (Recorded at Magick River, Malaysia 2011.)
Francesca Baines: Vocals. (Recorded at Kinsale Ireland 2012.)
Drumming group in track 6: Sri Maha Ueeran Urumi Melam, Malaysia

The whole piece is very relaxing and imaginative, though you can feel and hear the vibrating heavy traveling drums, definitely will listeners enjoy the psychedelic mood.

If you’re a lover of world fusion, cinematic, psychedelic music. rKurkijávri will drive you nut.

Visit his albums @ bandcamp

From somewhere deep inside of his mind he found this weird place he called “Land of Frequencies.”

This Land is full of wonders yet undiscovered, and as he explore this landscape of vibration and frequencies, he brought back pieces of it for you to listen.

To dive deep to the canjons in the great oceans, mysteries of the ancient worlds, forgotten memories, dreams and weirdness of an alternative realitys.

By hunting atmospheric environments from different parts of the world,
material was recorded in several separate sessions in different times, places, mind-settings and dimensions from Finnish darkblue and frozen landscapes all the way to tropical jungles, rivers and islands of Malaysia and Indonesia.

Get this creative craftsman on your podcast to share the stories behind scenes, whiles you listen to the album.

I’ve had my share.

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