VEMUnit. Musiclothing EP

VEMUnit. Musiclothing EP

VEMUnit Musiclothing EP is a six-month study report of my progress in beat composition

I ain’t joking because at the end of the day I’m having fun, losing my work data without a backup plan or any saved in the clouds as a beginner that can hurt.

But there’s great fun starting all over again.

They Closed The Doors, Used The Windows. Fake Their Smile, Clone Their Identity. Came Out Bold Took Responsibility

If you share my story, should have a clue of my reason why the creator being so good has absorbed my pride to make me proud.

How can some among you think I’m joking and cannot complete the task ahead with this beautiful talented ones around me.

VEMUnit Musiclothing EP Carsoundcheck

Some of my music tuition is paid for. A lot of my collaboration is expensive due to studio cost, but many don’t appreciate investment into equipment and time because they come free.

Though I’m Unclean At Your Presence You Grant Me Favor.

Who said I am not serious?

  VEMUnit Musiclothing EP is a six-month study report of my progress in beat making, a quest I’d to take after many disappointments with beat makers and music producers.

In a nutshell, the EP is ready out and running, massive acknowledgment from our London and Russia audience, ”at least at the end of the day I know how to breathe life into shiti beats”  Roni can’t fake his honesty, he had to be real with me, aware of the odds had to come against I did awesomely well.

Take your seat for this EP should inspire you, will motivate you, should make you feel you can, should make you enjoy and love what you do, for this EP will narrate the unseen and untold my rough edges.

Save for Preorder 🤘🏿to find out How🙏🏽

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