Dancehall Fever

Sometimes it’s just pointless to argue because at the end of the day everyone has an opinion, you stick to the goal

It won’t cost a thing to appreciate the glory of the day, though some speak fast and others move slow.

Creation, already expresses itself in a rhythm before the dance class, before the club or disco, before anything else comes the I, how selfish sometimes can it be.

Every moment of our breath is a dancehall Fever, dancing to a cosmic melodies of the unknown.

Most times life takes us to the other side were shit goes up and down, sometimes it’s smoother, other times it’s just rough.

Dancehall Fever is a life song narrative, word in a relative presence of our daily life.

We see others with many who desire to lose it, we notice others climbing their way up from down there 👇, do you know how it feels?

We see others who don’t believe in God, Allah, Brahma, yet still find comfort with crystal balls. How loco the world can be?

Dancehall Fever talks about diversity, the unstoppable wheels of the infinite creator, the collective purpose of mankind, the mystic imprinted thoughts wailing to express beyond any limits.

Dancehall Fever scheduled to be out on the 7th of February, 2020, is a music collaboration with JAWMUSIC, as usual having the crew over to help finalize the works was amazing.

Alex on the graphic, though he didn’t believe I will use his artwork for the final cut. 🤣 I love you my people.

Jeremy I’m still having problem synchronizing the drums. O yea I found a way to use a bus channel for that.🤣

Still in the studio focused on the goal, yea, people talk but don’t forget to wait for Dancehall Fever.

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