Thinking of the word YOU.

When referring to someone or the speaker❤️

If I’m not singing praise to you, then either one maybe doing the opposite to you, thereon and forth the word you places some significant role in our daily life’s

Do unto to others as You wish done unto you.

There you begins to speak to the mirror, when the figure of speech does not support nor promote better way of life.

But then, You don’t defines the better ways of life, it’s to be agreed upon of which You can be influence.

Are You all sure you’re comfortable?

Do you know others are not?

The You is always suffering from the consequences of societal judgement, without a slight feel of innocence.

The You is either eager to prove his or herself or funk everything.

The right You will makes things easier.

I’m right here thinking of you, if you reading me, you amaze and inspire me.

And then you realize there are so many You making them look beautiful.

Should the you then be something you wish to be? even if that You is a shit head of load.

I am attracted to you.

Funk the You playing attractive role, therefore, are you saying to wish the You to be good?

Though we must always wish for the best, you’ve to remember not everyone is like You.

Not everyone has Your good heart and mind.

You’ve to be careful.

You are Speaking into the mirror.

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