It’s obvious there is some misunderstanding somewhere, literally it should not be my problem but I’m looking for one to solve.

I want to make a change.

Don’t get me wrong though, I like to mind my business but but not when I’ve found another way to save, distribute or publish my lyrics or content.

Imagine the next door neighbor apartment is on fire, you don’t give a fuck to call the fire service, your house is burning down.

We as human beings must be concern.

Because of that little something, we’ve refused to show kindness and care for each other, no matter how tough and rough it get, humanity remember we are each other’s keeper.

I thought I told you it’s a year of wonderful happening my wonder boys and girl, ladies and gentlemen, distinguish guest, it’s a year of goofy smile.

On the contrary it’s the opposite and everything better than what you’ve thought before, imma gon take my time to ride this year and ride it the way God have design it for me.

Ride with me.

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