Kali went jogging, we had to run a bit of exams on Kali, accessing its comfortability on the head and hair during and after hasty/vigorous activities.

Kali’s reaction towards the wind was amazing, though it was foggy up-to mid day, cloudy as if it will rain, Kali made it up the hills couple of times.

It fit perfectly well with the dew on the grass.

Kali keeping it warm in the cold weather, smooth and soften on the skin.

Apart from the outside wool fabric, the inside lining fabrics range from lawn, voile, batiste, chiffon, satin 😜 viscose and rayon.

At the moment Kali is doing well retaining its texture after laundry, ie single color fabrics, can’t wait to witness this fabrics appeal after laundry especially for this mix colored wool fabric.

I’m just afraid of this colored elements🤪 I hope they don’t wear out 🤪🤣 tomorrow should prove the color laundry text.

Apart from that Kali already going, it’s good to go 💰☎️🦁🔥❤️🤘🏿


Large Scale.

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