Poetry Not Out Like That

Speed, fast as the name goes.

It looks like sometimes J’ve lost my breaks, that was how you made me, after years of neglect and disappointment.

In most cases, I’ve understood I am hard to deal with, you must understand, disappointment can make one act a certain way and manner, as if darkness has taken over part of my mind.

I knew some of you won’t come again, your previous neglect thought me how to test your faith, sorry, even thought me not to wait, that which made me understood the wealth of lonely moments, depth of isolation, and experience the cost and wealth of independency.

I’ve closed my eyes for long, I’ve lost the breaks, that’s why sometimes you feel pressured, but the truth of the matter is ‘my movement is like the tortoise , slow and steady.

I’ve come to understood since most of you don’t trust your purpose, you find it difficult to follow your program. I’m sorry, we each have to perform our duties at the cross road.

Yes we were met therefore to part ways, for I’m in good terms with my pain, this a freeman talking maybe that’s my weakness, but if you only knew how it feels to live around people yet still feels alone, you will adopt certain attitude or brand that bears a speed and a system.

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