Love My Dogs Video

I’m still counting the days into 2020, still counting the year loses and what must be grateful for.

You who made me and all things, if you read me, in sincere humbleness I appreciate you and Iso kiitos.

And to you who was there when I needed a friend, I’m riding and funking with you throughout the coming year, my brothers and sisters knowing what kind you’re is enough to cover the remaining years.

I love you dog though you didn’t show up at moms burial, 😜 still love you homie though was a bit disappointed how the business deal ended, 🀣still love you girl though you broke my heart and betrayed my love.πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

Tears drop from my eye, I watch them drop on my pad, then look up with a smile, read my lips ‘though she is gone to her maker, I made you my reason.

Follow the blog I’ll tell you the ‘YOU REASON’ in our next post.

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