Readers Now It’s Fun

Cubase and FL Studio Are My Best Friends.

First is was frustrating composing the beat, the cubase daw wasn’t that easy to use, until my lovely brothers introduced me to FLStudio

My mind and heart were ever willing to learn something new (my hobbies) they were eager to embrace that knowledge if should be given or if pure-heartedly is available.

Every moment now and then must push a bit harder, sometimes I ask myself why me, break the odds, and push forward my boundaries.

Now I’m here today and readers not only do I see the opportunity of creating a passive wealth for myself and my community but feels I’m having the greatest fun of all time and it’s going to be forever.

I appreciate you if you’ve been part of my struggle and have kindheartedly helped.

No!🤣 I don’t need a piece of fish to eat to be satisfied just for some hours, readers I’m seeking the skills that will make us enjoy and have fun for the rest of our life, yes we mean forever omapomomovement

After Subbass top me up with his blessings and kind love, I move further to Kurkijavri to seek more know-how, how to use the interface, and to understand the application of equalization, compression and etc, of which I’m still in the process to acquire more know-how if the funds are available.

In most cases, it’s the fundamentals that we need to be really creative and enjoy that serenity.

Readers this tune is one among our creation, from the beat composition and vocal mix, though it might not sound perfect, at least we did not seat on the sofa for long.

Listen to it and don’t forget to like, comment, and share, most welcoming if you can send us feedback.

That’s dear to us ❤️ we love to read from you.

It’s our hope you find inspiration for reading our text.

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