VEMUnit R.KALI LIPPIS, a fashion accessory designed for your long hair, dreadlocks, and bald head.

Sustainable Recycled Fashion Accessory Made from Jeans and Leather.

During the past week warmly welcome a client into the VEMUnit Ompelupalvelut Turku who wanted to amend his winter jacket, we had an interesting conversation and the rest I’ll call it self Entrepreneurship tips.

Sustainable Recycled Fashion Accessory Made from camouflage material and Leather.

After the client made his request or demand, he then asked for the price of the caps R. KALI LIPPIS and the handbags hanging on the studio walls.

He immediately noticed my reluctant answer, he then slowly jump in and made me aware of how he greatly observe me on social media, how I reminded him of when he started his own business in the United Kingdom from the scratch before moving to Finland’s homeland. 

Sustainable Recycled Fashion Accessory Made from Embroidered Cross Stitch Aida Canvas Fabric Mix With High Shine And Super Soft Chenille Fabric.

He then said VishnuExpress you always talk of value but if you don’t have a price you don’t have a value, everything is everything but everything is wealth something or nothing, even if you do it for fun or hobby it can turn out to be a means of making passive income.

‘Where the hammer hit the nail and comfortably have to sit in’

Sustainable Recycled Fashion Accessory Made from Organic Flex Linen Fabric Mix With Stretch Camouflage Fabric.

I admire you, your passion is written all on you, you are working against all odds, mind you, every accomplishment you see out there had to go through some kind of adversity, most times you must know VishnuExpress the best won’t be meant for only you, your transformation will be of service to the majority if you don’t stop.  

After couple of coffee and tips the client left, I was left with serious decisions to make.

Do you remember #R Kali Lippisblogpost it was after meeting a mentor.

Order 🎤🎧💰 at affordable price.

My hope you also don’t stop what you doing.

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