VEMUnit Musiclothing

Lying there in bed thinking of my next move.

Should I get out this bed what should I do? most times the first circumstance are clouded thoughts.

All you may need at this moment is to be thankful for breath, take a moment to reflect from where you left off to bed.

Yesterday came across a fan who follows my activities on social media but never had the chance to listen to my music. I’as a bit sad 😞

This are the links to my music. Apple phone should be easier to find.

A little surprised, then came across an amazing fan, who wish our musiclothing production all the best.

Still in the moment, I remembered one of his interesting questions ‘how can you get your YouTube channel to hit 1m

How do you expect me to answer this question?

But my answer was just simple ‘numbers don’t impress me anymore, everything you see can be bought and replace, it’s only a matter of doing the right things, making the right amount of money and taking your products to the right audience, everyone you see that smiles with you may not have the best intentions for you.

Then he said stay grinding, you may not be as successful today but look around you, you’re a source of inspiration to many who find it difficult to acknowledge you.

This homie ain’t 2 by 4, he is really following my activities, not just on social media but taking the chance to listen to my music, because #staygrinding is a song by Doberg of which i’as featured on couple of weeks ago.

Information I’m having, the artist is going through a phase in life that’s challenging our next music collaboration ‘Undecided Yet’ is still not decided yet.

We could have grab a beer but I’ve a bus to catch and an urgent meeting to attend.

The flashbacks flash smiles on my face, now let me get off this bed, compress data for mix.

Hope you found something of use from the text.

Blessings people! And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channels.

New joint I’m working on Beast

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