Life challenges comes in different shapes and forms, every next level or stage with its demons to conquer.

Are you ready hajime

Just like the human body shape, some hips comes cute, other waist comes winsome, knowing there’s a whole geometrical process to sew a gorgeous skirt, I didn’t know不不 but now I know不不不

Most of our accomplishments are gradual process from visualization, planning, up to the end in mind, of which in most cases we must budget for the unseen cost.

Some of this unseen cost can be the misinterpretation or misrepresentation, especially when the in depth analysis speaks for itself.

The hustle is real, the hate is not only by race but the refusal of oneself.

The making can’t be narrowed to only one concept, so long as we are living men and women we’ve the opportunity to broaden our horizon to enable us to understand and relate to all things being equal.

Formally I’ve to know the client measurements, know how much sewing allowance would like to add, plus what suppose to make life take at least it’s right shape.

You’ve to make it work somehow and it always does.

You may think you know everything, especially when you think you’ve been on the farm for a long time, forgetting you never had the chance to step out to look from the outside, it’s obvious you’ll have no clue how much organic fertilizer and proper irrigation method can yield a successful harvest.

Now I’ve few tricks under my sleeve.

Separate the mind from the matter and relate to my mind 踢踢

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