Omapomo Movement

There are many of us out there, many who feel same way so don’t you feel alone, some are left with shuttered dreams because the system can’t give them work, not to mention a wage to even invest in their dream.

As if the job is meant for selected few, that feel, you feel, you ain’t lucky enough, an age that provides one with education to be unemployed, unless you can create your own job.

A system that requires you to be certified but at the end of the day, you become master of no skills but papers, for one have to chase the jobs according to seasons.

It doesn’t matter how many ill occurrences you’ve experienced in your past, the few sincere, enthusiastic, and kind hearted people we meet makes a difference.

The future is bright no matter how many wolves found themselves among sheep’s, because among this sheep’s there are lion lambs.

Someday true goodness and kindness will overcome fake gestures, my youths be proud, for your youths are wonderfully made with no strings attached, your true self warble the destiny of many selected fakes, keep grinding for only true friends understand.

It’s easy to know, connect or relate with almost everything if one is aware of the self , he or she who is left with the self to find is likely to live an illusive life.

I hope you found this clouded thoughts meaningful.

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