That magic touch don’t just come overnight, most times we’ve to try different ways and means to get things done, just like creating or becoming the next Newton.

Our music, tailoring or creative works has 99 risk in partaking and 21 lessons to be learnt throughout the process, that I can state for now🤣

Recently PabloBass gave me a guitar lesson reminder, it was there I noticed I’as getting too absorbed in the electronic digital age of making music, honestly it’s a new world for me and I’m loving it.🤩

Then it occur to me how a long break can influence the functioning of my fingers, there are something’s in life, if you’re not aware you are missing out, therefore nowadays an hour play or fingering every morning really helps.

Like seriously that comes before the snap reply and checking of emails 🤣

The funky truth of the matter is, everything has broaden my scope of understanding, doing and getting things done, example like playing the keyboard, honestly that I know nothing about but love it when I see others play and now I see myself playing.🤣💪🏾

It has open much avenues for me to bounce back quick enough anytime I take a break, for every break or movement is in line with achieving the goal.

We are all sell outs so mind none when they call you one.

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