Lost in darkness expose to light, looking amaze how easy the work flow can be having the basics at your fingertips, and knowing how to break it down.

Finding out why the traffic light is important on our roads, you should find it very interesting when grown minds begins to operate like little ones, believe that, sometimes it’s not about dynamics and compression but how one compose their thoughts, you can’t get to the traffic light looking confuse.

He always create some kind of fun around it for one to explore, composed the kick track using the keyboard, like a two step kick, then Pablo Bass filled it up with a bassline, like a heavy bass line. Foot ah lick 🤣

Should it be the soca feel that made him top it up with a pitch bass line, lost in the moment knowing you’re the guy clicking and making things happen.

Sometimes we learn the hard way instead of learning the prudent way, no one have to be hurt, lastly we’re aware the road is risky.

Marrying the fingers to the keyboard or strings, meaning playing it over and over again, that’s where the homework comes in (aside) ‘someone please help’

Why shouldn’t I grab the music theory, scales and chords, music arrangements and composition when it’s passionately offered with sincere compassion.

Took hold of the exposure, tried to fix some melody in between, then was remembered about the snare, haven’t mentioned the hihats.

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