This love is meant for all, your love is so assured, you always seems to be around when no one did.

The homeless man voice his emotions down the train station, he sang those beautiful words asking for a coin.

For awhile everyone watch and stare, he plays the bass with a style, in amazement he rock front and back singing along to his own cords.

That was when the magic begun to happen, the pretty little girl with the silk voice, come from his back with some astonish voice, style and fashion.

They kind of look alike, as if an homeless man and his daughter, one could easily see that facial recognition between them.

The girl attracted some attention, her voice got everyone to stop and watch, and this time people were eager to offer or put in some coins in their empty bowl.

Then the tears start flowing down his eyes, whiles he rock the guitar heavily front and back, you could feel his tears of joy, he might have lost everything but him just won one.

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