I’m Beautiful By Nature

No matter how many times you trim my branches, influence everyone to stay away from me, as the seasons pass by, I will for sure show my colorful beauty.

Most times I am a loners with my roots and branches, only seeking the rain and the sunshine.

Sometimes I even provide you shade for your relaxation but your selfish scams and your ungratefulness shuns you away from my reliable selfless help.

Where is the Love, Peace, And Unity, We’re One Family

Stream Evolution

I’m deeply rooted in my roots, I’ve passed through muddy rocks, hurt by shit unaware but at the end of the day ‘my beauty has no makeup on.

My confidence is not fake ‘I’m proud and beautiful’ who make the beat out of the little.

VishnuExpress Music Evolution

Naturally beautiful and colorful, just like the salt in your food, without me hardly will you find the taste.

You don’t have to think of me that much, I easily decompose back to that earth, full of oxygen, I like it when you around, you provide me carbon dioxide.

I’m tall and growing more taller so don’t ever stress, I’m always your topic but among my friends and folks you not, you probably the last thing we’ll talk about.

If I’m not concern about my falling leaves, I’m happier about the new green growth, look at my landlady, she’ll water me from morning to evening to enjoy the shade I bring. 

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