Let’s Build This Industry

My wish is to help build this industry and not take from it.

The finding is for myself but we believe lot of improvement can be done and strongly believe some among us are aware.

The media has a significant role to play if we sincerely want that transformation.

Though there are various media outlets in terms awareness, marketing and promotion such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others, our immediate media can educate the masses about the value to patronize home made produce.

That said, have we asked ourselves how we individually handle our wastage in terms of recycling? the climate awareness campaign has been ringing for a while, some seems to be of concern and to the others as if we are not in a climate crisis.

But think about this ‘ managing a waste you didn’t produce but consume’ countries like China use to accept Americans wastage and through that have grown an economy that the world depends on for their mass production.

Now they don’t accept that wastage anymore after transforming into a giant industrial country.

We lot aware some of our friends and families sometimes have to buy their produce online for us to do the amendment to suit their measurement.

Why can’t we start now because it never too late, why can’t we create an environmental friendly industry that will create jobs, employment opportunities for our fellows.

I don’t know where you are located if you’re reading me, but maybe you are consuming a product you didn’t produce ‘ have you thought of our to manage that waste? especially if it’s a plastic product, think about the green house effect?

In our small way we’ve agreed to contribute to the recycling campaign happening around the world to help save our climate crisis.

In the above picture is VishnuExpress in a sleeveless shirt made from a old lastex shirt, patched jeans part of the shirt made from old Tommy Hilfiger jeans, the Rasta cap made from old Ralph Lauren Polo Jean found in the second hand shop, the army nylon fabric was from a good friend that support our creative ideas.

Fellow reader you can be part of the solution in your small own way.

Thanks for stopping by, always stay bless.

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