War Zone

Sometimes it feels like a war zone out here, music as a career is not an easy lifestyle.

I’ve seen friends come and they left as enemies, others come as snakes those get left behind like ghosts, a world you’ll wonder if you sleeping with the enemy.

Once had those uncalled feelings, the turn downs and turn back, the fake smiles and the real cut, the real and ghost account, I believe some of you have had your share of experience.

How I dealt with my world?

Taking charge of my emotions came first, so to enjoy what I do at my own pace with a subtle peace of mind, that enables me to ignore the unhealthy competition.

I realize you can’t stop people from being human, hardly can one control people off the head, you cannot stop people from talking shit but one can decide to develop an emotional response that protects the immediate self and can tolerate all kinds of storms.

Maybe my early introduction to orthodox way of karate gave me an enduring discipline, it’s not about who takes the first lead or win but who has the strength to endure maintaining a clear path to his or her vision.

I strongly believe there are lot of opportunities out here but the options are less, just like martial arts, one must master each and every technics, try and perfect every moves, even go further to develop a defense and counter attack mechanism should that technics fail. 🀘🏿#Hajime that’s why it’s two locked down and two up, always make sure of a reserve.

Throughout this process one must find the right tools to practice with, mind you your license will be taking away if you use this art on the ordinary citizens therefore the mind is needed dealing with each and every individual.

Sometimes I had to mute my true self and draw the images people think of me to analyze their responses to my actions, that’s how I get to understand people without them having a clue of my true self.

There I realize it’s good to assume the best of everyone, add value to everything until that entity prove him or the herself otherwise.

Maybe my early child hood labor has a role to play on my mind set, understanding the market, customers, standing out unique from your competitors and the making of sales is all I think of, and not to the he said she said, he did this and she did that, though I listen and sometimes participate in the conversation.

I’ve to jump the bus, my plan was to head to Norway after my savo visit but an important gig is calling and must get to work.

I will state please be positive and don’t be afraid to try nor make mistakes, always keep an open mind and mind you evil won’t live long where goodness prevails they will run.

Now I’ve to cut short my late summer trip and head west for this event either near or far always feel welcome.

2 thoughts on “War Zone

  1. Greetings 🦁 King and May his infinite glory beπŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½ Thanks Dada for the time to comment, for the mental, physical and spiritual support elder bro. Yah is with us always… his grace and glory be with you and all. πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½

  2. I know the vibes Brother but yes we won’t stop. Forward ever. Continue on positivity on your journey. You are success. Continue BEING. Love and light King.

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