In the beginning was the word, out of thought the wold was created.

Like said, I felt can play this beat but then the tools wasn’t user friendly.

I didn’t give up easily instead I focus on the can do feel until found the friendly DAW.

I’ve created this account VEMUSIC #Hajime to share my evolving process in the music production field.

In the moment most of the project will be free give away, therefore you can download, listen, share and especially send us feedback concerning the output quality.

Apart from AiteBeatz who is my close motivation, busy works beats and Inthemix have contributed to my acquisition of knowledge.

My first production NiggaFuckYou addressing that little me, that have gone through the rough hustle to shut the fxxx up, just because society said I cannot doesn’t mean I can’t.

Like said music and tailoring, one is my highway and the other is my escape, at the moment I can express my thoughts boldly in both ways and so you can.

Guys I must go for shopping, will be back soon.

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