Mad Street Boyz

I watched many fade away, though their little impression counted, they didn’t stay that long.

They were like fast racing cars , some instances the cars will drive out of their lane furiously towards each other.

The kids admire their courage, but then I remembered how those days our folks use to lead by example.

The kid in the black and strapped yellow shirts described how he will jump on stage, how he will grow up to be a great stage performer than his mentor.

Such enthusiastic gestures singing on a high pitch melodies with optimistic expression on the lead chorus, it was soul fulfilling to hear a youth envision his future with the end in mind.

We started ghetto rap together, it was cold moments mixed with warm and strong passion right after senior high school.

‘Community rap battle’ that was how we called it, it was fun meeting your long time friend after senior high, though sometimes it turns out to be violence due to the fact that some get carried away by their emotions it felt great to rap.

This kids took me back on a memory trip, standing there in love with their thought patterns.

I pray someone will be there to guide them along.

Then my phone rang, my next gig is fix, I left with a glad heart and bright smile shining on my face.

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