Thinking To Go In

They said my vocal rough mix sounded cool but then, I need to balance the volume levels and also check various frequency.

I got tired going on YouTube jumping on one beat to the other just to record a song, has each day passed by my desire grew stronger wanting my own creation but then the challenge was frustrating, just to convey the ideas in my head on to the DAW was my problem.

I started using Cubase because of my first record deal, the software came as part of the deal, the DAW was user friendly working on vocals but very challenging for me to compose my own head beat.

During those moments, I would explode my frustration on anything or activities that should be fun.

Glory be to God, the tailoring skills always take my mind off the anger and frustration, my only escape.

I recorded a few samples with the cubase program but it wasn’t encouraging, something inside me said I could do better but I guess my tools wasn’t the right one.

AJ always suggested I try the fruity loops software, until I met Patrick who gave me a one on one introduction on how to use the fruit loops and few links on YouTube to assist.

At the moment I somehow play my head, apart from that, I’ve this strong feel ‘making beats is part of me, but then finding the suitable DAW matters a lot, not only that but I must decide either to enroll in a music production online school or not.

I know it will cost a little something but trust me it’ll be wealth it.

I’ve seen few online schools but my choice can either be between Busy Works or HbsBeats or any kind hearts out there who is reading me.

Readers! if I strongly feel I can, same way you can do anything you put your mind to, one just have to keep practicing until the frustration turns to inspiration, the inspiration into joy.

Fallows I must jump the bus, catch you some other time, please don’t forget to share among your friends and families. also subscribe to our YouTube channel for lot of fun.

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