Lifestyle because it’s a mindset, when you’ve seen people speak the same language but yet still lack common understanding, then one will realize we all need help and some of us need people to talk to, but who?

Sometimes the word WORK makes it compulsory, as if they are forcing one against their will but once you develop the rhythm and master the routine one will definitely find the fun in everything you do.

Life is not fun for others, mostly those who listen too much of what’s happening in their head, what they know about you than mindful of what happening around them or what you say to them.

Lifestyle because it respect and welcomes any form of life nor culture, just like any space for art that encourages creativity and exposes its rich benefits.

It’s fun going to work with the mindset of going to the gym, especially when you not going to sign documents or drive the plane, but one is going to clean the ship for just an hour or two.

That’s the lifestyle of this creative mindset, which sprout beyond the perceptions of limit and fear .

keep grinding getting into the ship soon.

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