Tribute To Mom

The mother love never had now gone for eternity.

The first and last we met, immediately felt she was the one that gave me birth, changed my diapers when was a kid.

Then remembered the last days she left to Nigeria 🇳🇬 as a little kid to work, was like four to five years of age then.

She’ll put the apron round my neck before breakfast, will run to her even when at fault.

Then she had to leave for Nigeria where she work and spent best of her life, the country of my birth, though both parents are Ghanaians we hardly meet in person apart from text and phone calls.

To eternity now she work, her kind and caring nature the last time we met, she will insist I come home for dinner and even insist I come to dinner with my friends.

The little moment meant a lot, and true friends are aware of the lonely moment.

This song is a tribute to my mom, those absences and cherished moments we shared.

Beat, song mix and mastered by D. O. E Galileo Art Cover by International Music Magazine

You can listen to the song @ Cdbaby when release, now you can share my immediate sad moment @ YouTube

At this link is our store you can find our merchandise including RIPMom T-Shirt

Still mourning whiles hustling, I must jump off the bus from here, ‘Mom have kicked the bucket’ will keep you updated.

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