Through The Hustle

Mamma wish the best for me, at this moment it looks joyful outside, whiles inside are lonely moment shared in tears.

Tearful faces whiles grinding, the motherly love never had now taken away for good.

The plan was to build a beautiful place for her, though now hers is in the heaven, wish her all the best and a better place.

We lot as human will someday meet our grave, that’s part of nature and the end of mankind but our deeds will always be remembered here on earth.

Are you something or someone people will miss? Though mourning the dead one is still devoted to the course, something she won’t allow to give it up.

Don’t be disturb by the storm, they only blow for awhile, soon the wind will change its course, your challenges will be surmounted, no mountain is too difficult to climb unless one don’t give it a try, this are her words

Don’t be stress, one was born through the hustle, therefore real hustlers understands.

Of course we have RIP Mom cooking is way out of the studio, whiles Love My Dogs is building its promotional strategies.

The fact is #teamvishnuexpress have known not sleep, we been grinding and hustling, alongside the Bart’s Brothers and #omapomomovement

We started the week by taking part of the Love My Dogs video, the video which’s still in its planning and execution stage came has a surprise, maybe the video director want to get me off my misery .

Yo! I must jump off bus and get ready for work.

Thanks for stopping by and the time, keep supporting us. 🙏🏽💯❤️

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