Should I Wish

When life becomes challenging due to the cause of nature and everything seems not to be going as planned due to circumstances beyond your control.

Sickness taking hold of your mother is not a thing you can prevent from happening, certain things are beyond our control, especially when aging get to us.

Some grow out of the mad and some becomes frustrated by the daily changes.

Hoping to release Love My Dogs when all of a sudden the phone rang early in the morning not fully awake from bed, someone telling you, your mother is seriously sick fighting for her life at a far distance country and they will need all the money they can to save her life.

Fuck hell what a deep shit 🤴💰

That’s the situation I am in at the moment, but I believe the infinite creator is aware and that everything will be fine, helping save my moms life and able to execute my ideas as planned.

It’s not going to be easy, as I’m broken mentally, physically and spiritually like my good friend will say ‘Babylon got you in a mess’ but imma be out that net pretty soon by the grace of the universal law of good health.

It’s another test of time and I seek knowledge and wisdom in every step, so many decisions to make with very little to choose from, I believe to turn this fate around to a more suitable testimony.

I will rise, not matter how broken, I will shine like the morning sun, and none can hold me down no matter what happens.

Though it feels they have taken they lead, they only ate the wrong meat, flat on the ground yet still feels can host a winning fight.

We will not give up on prayers neither are we going to stop working hard to make the best out of our situation.

We are going to walk through the storm with a smile and we strongly believe to be out victorious.


Jah know Star

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