Love My Dogs

Don’t be surprise, the only information you must disbelieve is if you heard I’ve done harm to humanity.

I am harmless and yes why not? You must be afraid if your intentions aren’t good, and of course I am unpredictable.

You heard it right, Love My Dogs is included in the upcoming music project, like they say remix and a matter of funk will be the first to usher the whole album.

Yes the data have gone to Nigeria 🇳🇬, Switzerland and back, that should tell everyone I’m not on this album project alone.

The song beat laid by the Bart’s Brother, mix and mastered by producer Asher E, graphics by Alex Sokol is a sign of appreciation to the good people I met on my journey and especially the infinite one for his guidance and blessings.

Yes of course, we’ve nothing to share than love and good vibes has we travel, when the vibes is wrong be willing to accept its a reflection, because by nature I’ll willingly accept mine.

What’s new about the remix song? The song will be riding on its own beat, we have included there OMAPOMO MOVEMENT, of which related relatives and relationships understands.

We can talk about #OPM some other time.

The song which will be in all music stores is an inspiration, and I’ll like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved, those that took their time out to send us listening feedbacks, remember everything you mentioned we are working on it and you make up a great team.

Having a clear vision of what I want and having the right people with the rightful understanding, network and knowhow is what I’ve been praying patiently waiting for since long.

Kind readers, like they say on radio stay tune, we will feed your listening ears with good music and content.

Keep supporting us likewise we are concern about you, you can reach anytime and feel welcome.

Here comes my 🚌.

Thanks and best regards. See you soon.🙏🏽🙏🏽

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