Weeks And Works

I was asked ‘how soon can I create a content‘.

Smiles on my face🤣🤣 because sometimes I feel my social media post is too long, though most times have thoughts flying through my head as if I’as in the world war two battlefield.

I can create content that quick, unless I don’t have my phones in hand or my imaginary tubes are malfunctioning or stress that particular moment.

I can be playful with words and I like to sound thought provoking or profound, though the words may be ordinary they might have deeper meaning.

I hope I’ve answered your question on my choice of words.

That said, I like my post to be reporting my activities and engaging, not wishful thoughts or imaginary writing but something real.

I understand everyone by their suggestions, imaginary writing can develop my skills in story writing and movie script, but I’ll like to stick to the basics, has for those that appreciate the imaginative and movie script they can contact me personally to discuss the way forward.

Like said before, I’m busy with school, new music project and looking for a summer job or a part time permanent job that’s in line with my textiles and fashion studies.

The past weeks been busy with school assignment, drawing, cutting and sewing my head off.

Due to that, dated 10.03.19 took the opportunity to participate in RekryExpo event , where they have employers, employees, and job seekers interacting with each other, various job recruitment and introducing foreigners and locals to the Finnish working process, has I text now I know which union to join when I start to work.

A lot of job opportunities available at the moment but like said earlier I’ll prefer to work in line with my studies, that way, I will earn experience, improve my skills and study grades.

And to the fellow that asked about politics, I’m greatly concern about whats happens around me and as such us, and I’m fully aware our politicians decides our policies, either good or bad I can’t speak ill or judge their decisions than to pray the infinite one bless them with knowledge and wisdom to make the right decision to benefit all humanity.

I’ve to go. 💯❤️ I’ll connect with you soon. Love what you do and always stay positive.

#VishnuExpress #Thefewmajority #Omapomomovement #UAMP #1familyunderGod

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