I’ad to shut down the website

I had to shut the website down because it was not earning any passive income.

Though the impression was good, after considerable consultation I was forced to shut it down.

I saw it to be a way to rearrange my scale of preference, and an easy way to handle things of priority. (my education and upcoming album)

Though it is important for an artist to have a website, so to showcase his or her craft, or engage his or her audience and somehow make sells.

My goals and plans suggested, I put the website administration on hold, for WordPress blog to serve the immediate purpose of sharing, engaging and keeping you informed for now.

Like said before, at the moment furthering my education in textiles and fashion to meet the standard requirement is first on the list.

I therefore felt it’ll be of my best interest to acquire enough knowledge and experience to provide you with good and quality detailed work.

I feel I’m around the best in the industry at the moment , in-terms of technology, creativity, know-how, and whatever it will take for the future of VishnuExpress brand to look great.

Our future will not only be a website showcasing only music and printed merchandise, but will include authentic tailored craft, ranging from kids, youths and the aged.

Yes of course, you can say it’ll be like an institution, a lifestyle but best of it all it’ll represent a state of inspiration to all mankind.

Yes of course, supporting our upcoming makes you special because you’re part of a great community addressing the climate issues of the day.

Patronizing our recycled products should make you feel proud, alot of which we give freely for participating or attending my gigs.

I apologize for not making any of my products available at the gig held this past weekend due to reasons beyond my control.

I had the give away products ready but was so, so in a haste/left them in the house 🙏🏽, I therefore will make them available at the next gig of which not confirmed yet.

Keep supporting and feel yourself as part.

One family under God.

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