One is my highway and the other is my escape.

Yesterday and today has some how been a busy day for me, running here and there listening to some good advice from business experts.

Most of the questions that popped up is ‘how I manage my music and sewing activities.

The answer is just simple ‘one is my highway and the other is my escape’ to live without the two is unthinkable, one is joy the other is happiness.

Talking with expert at the Tempo Project Turku, Kimmo Laine of Startup Refugees Finland and Satu Riikonen of Humak Finland has really boosted my moral.

I also realize how people from different scope of views can connect together to achieve maximum results, I always have the view great minds works together and weak minds stay separated.

It was like playing football on the field with a well dedicated coaches and a committed player, the networking started after meeting with Tommi Hallenberg of Turun Ohjaamo

I cannot disclose the minutes of our meeting, but I can tell you they gave me some pretty good advice, suggestions and even recommended to me a creative business book of which at the moment is blowing my mind.

All I can say is, ‘I’m somehow here and I believe I’ll be there someday’ if I don’t stop grinding and you don’t stop supporting/ if I don’t give up and you don’t stop being an inspiration/I believe one day it will be a different story.

The same hunger that drove me to the tailoring shop after playing countless music under empty belly is the same hunger that drives me today, so if you feel you are okay and comfortable you will never understand me.

Lastly, I wish to suggest to readers, due to my schedule I’ll be writing comprehensive report about my activities once every week, I did not know this few days could attract you to ask for more.

Thanks and best regards

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