I want to keep that little African in me

Recording Sama Tyyli  I wanted the Finnish to feel someone is trying hard to speak their language and same with the English.

This cup of coffee taste bitter maybe too strong, but that is how I like my coffee in the morning especially without milk.

O yes I like to keep the little African in me throughout my creativity.

I’as not born in Jamaica, America, United Kingdom, nor Europe to create a pretending accent, even so, Africans born around this locations proudly feels themselves to be Africans therefore why should I lose myself.

All my teachers, who have thought me especially in Finland are aware,’ when you ask Vishnu, where is he coming from ‘he will say Africa before mention the particular country in Africa he is coming from.

Thanks for the feedback.

Recording Sama Tyyli  I wanted the Finnish to feel someone is trying hard to speak their language and same with the English.

The Finnish will not mention the Tyyli in the manner I did, for mine sounds like Tuuli, which means wind, whiles tyyli means style, therefore thought it’s was a good word sound fusion.

Yes of course, when the song was release on youtube some thought I’ve made a mistake in the pronunciation till I explain to them the intention, Sama tyyli meaning same style, ‘Minä pidän sama tyyli’ meaning I like the same style, but to the Finnish it sounds like ‘Minä pidän sama tuuli’ meaning I like the same wind.

That wind or tuuli alone fused my fashion concept in the music, because wind is like fashion and can change it’s direction anytime, but this time I’as saying I like the direction of the style or wind which fit in context.

At the same time you can feel the strong African accent trying to express itself in English through toasted singing and spoken word, addressing racism at it’s subtle form ‘not every color is a perfect match’. ‘one can relate that in sewing or in fashion’

Yes of course, I know my music has a lot of twist and turns and as such should attract lot of media attention, even my character itself because my works contain so many questions that needs to be answered or explain by me, maybe that is how I know some media outlet are asleep, the people are asking question but they just want to ignore my presence, therefore I cut the middle man and deal with you the masses directly.

I hope I’ve answered your question/ please keep them coming and let’s get interactive

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