My wife is my mam

Yes my wife is older than me and so what🤣🤣

let me put it this way, maybe I didn’t try enough to find her qualities in the younger ones I’as with before.

Upon reading your emails, I will take this cup of coffee to clear few issues.

After I lost my first marriage, I went through a muddy face of life, of which I even lost a son.

Though, she might have 10 kids of her own and I don’t have any , she is wealth the qualities I expect from a younger woman🤣🤣🙏🏽

A lot of assumption and rumors going about, ‘I married her to get access to Finnish paper, but if some of the younger Finnish ladies I’as with will be honest, they gave me that same opportunity for us to be together but I choose her, why because none among them were talking in her direction we are now.

OMG she manages my sewing, she market my sewing skills, she is not insecure but she has much confidence in her dreams and ambitions, let say I married her for the love, kindness and goodness she has done for my country.

Almost 13 years back to date, she been sending donations and help to 🇬🇭 , without a certified association or organization, all she get out of that were just prove of pictures to show the donations were properly distributed.

Please don’t you agreed she needs to be honored and recognized for her good and kind works, she did all this 10-12 years project without even a proper affiliate on the coast, and that I desire for her when I met her.

Document wise to own her hustle if organizing charitable activities makes her happy.

People don’t misjudge, now I can tell you lot, now she has a registered and recognized association Apua Ghanaan Suomeen Ry with some of her kids as directors, and she is also well affiliated now with a certified organization UAMP Foundation on the coast continuing her selfless service to humanity to some part of the Ghanaian communities.

She set things up proper and she manages things like I dream my woman to be if she was around my age, as long as I am happy, content and grateful God will provide the rest, especially your wishful thinking.

You are welcome to buy from her home second shop, if you live around Turku Finland 🇫🇮 , she uses the sales made to carry out her selfless service to the people of Ghana 🇬🇭 in terms of packaging, transportation, and shipment of donations.

I know lot people are not happy with my decision, maybe it could be my dharma, so be patient let me burn my karma.

She must be recognized for her work and if through hell I have to make that happen/ then imma be a good friend to the devil/ to see joy on many faces.

I hope somehow have cleared the air of uncertainty.

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Like and share. Peace and love. 💯❤️🤘🏿🙌🏿🇬🇭🇫🇮✍🏾

One thought on “My wife is my mam

  1. 🙂 I see nothing wrong with a husband who has an older wife.

    Once she is not old enough to be your grandmother, you are good to go.

    After all, we live in the twenty-first century and most people are open-minded.

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