Get Connected

The word get connected has been an inspiration and a mantra since the beginning of 2019.

As an independent Music Stellar, the word has driven me from a thoughtful mood to an active mood, which in doing that I’ve enhance my social skills trying to communicate the more, though I don’t do much of my blog updates, I feel blogged stories should be real and not an imaginary story, especially about an artist activities.

As a musician networking is very important at this age, both on the cyber space and on the ground, getting to know people at every step from production to marketing, booking to performances has been the code of the day. Who you know🤟🏿

At first it was challenging finding the right people who respect your craft and are wiling to take it to the next level, no matter the cost and hustle. Just like give and take.

That been said, after the Helsinki gig early this year at Arabian Nuorisotalo organize by United by Choas & Komba Helsinki getting connected on a one on one bases has been the move.

The past Wednesday I was at Get Connected Turku and I sincerely enjoyed the flow and environment, an event organized by Juhani Honkonen and Kvug Kanava it was lit.

The above group has exhibited a high level of professionalism and communicative skill of which I’m impressed.

Communication means a lot to me in my field of work, even if the responds is negative, I had to follow up every email sent to every venue after every 10 days, I truly admire the effective correspondence with the above group.

The weekend I was at Space Jam: looping Tunes and that was a lit also, I personally call that ‘musicians circle of love’ , after which I went hangout with Susan and friends a member of the Team Super Moves Finland 🇫🇮 I call that night ‘Twist Night Out’ that was fun and great moment, dealing with ambitious driven nuts like myself.

A lot been said, I am still in the working process creating a one on one mutual beneficial exchange with my supporters and audience, and will keep you updated has we travel on this certain road.

Like, share and comment your topic or subject you wish for me to address, I’ll try in my best capacity to address that.

Thanks and wish you all the best.

#VEMUnit #VEMusic #VEMClothing #VEMLifetyle

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